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About Us

UFF Sports is the world's first platform bringing ultimate ownership to the Fantasy Sports industry. We've developed an entire ecosystem of fantasy sports ownership and we're growing to encompass international events of every sport in each level of play, not just pros! 

Grow and manage your sports franchise or simply participate in player scouting and fan games. We wish to invite you to grow the league from anywhere in the world and represent your sport with a truly unique cryptocurrency asset driven platform.

Watch the video below and check the FAQs to learn all about the UFF Sports ecosystem. If you can't find your answers there, please visit our Telegram Community and speak with the team.

Most fantasy sports platforms simply track your players to help you understand how many points your lineup was awarded based on the performance of the players on the field. 

But UFF Sports provides you the ability to be more than a general manager by providing digital asset ownership of players, franchises, and draft rights.


You own the players, as digital assets (NFTs), and rights to trade them.  Scouts can register up-and-coming prospects.

Typical fantasy sports leagues compete against thousands of other teams. Instead, UFF Sports has built a completely new game model where only an elite few will have rights to compete as franchises in their respective sports.


Never have to start over next year. Play to win. Play for keeps.


#YouOwnTheGame at UFF Sports!

What Makes UFF Sports Different?

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