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SCO can only be purchased with ZIL (Zilliqa), so the first of these recommendations are for how to get ZIL. There are many ways to buy ZIL, so if you know of a different way, by all means acquire it however you feel comfortable! If you already have ZIL or know how to get it, skip to the ZilPay section and go from there.

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  • This is a free app you can download

  • It will require some KYC (Know Your Customer), including ID verification

  • *The verification process takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 days*

  • You can buy ZIL directly from here using a credit card or bank transfer


  • Chrome Extension

  • Best used on a computer, but there is an app as well

  • You’ll need this to swap to SCO (swapping can only be done from a computer)

  1. Download the app. Create an account by following the instructions (you will need a piece of ID and some other personal information).

  2. To use a credit card, the next step is as follows:
    a. Click on the logo on the bottom middle of the page.
    b. Click the Buy button on the bottom.
    c. Search for ZIL (Zilliqa) and select it.
    d. Input the amount you want (it shows the conversion to USD above).
    e. Click Add Credit or Debit Card and input your information.
    f. Confirm. The ZIL will be placed into your Crypto Wallet.

  3. To use a bank transfer, follow these steps:
    a. Click on Accounts on the bottom of the page.
    b. Select Fiat Wallet.
    c. Click Set Up New Currency and select USD or CAD.
    d. Click USD or CAD.
    e. Click Transfer.
    f. Select Deposit.
    g. Use the information provided to initiate a transfer from your bank (wire transfer in the US, e-transfer in Canada).
    h. Once your bank sends the funds, they will appear in your Fiat Wallet in the app. From here, you can purchase ZIL., as follows:
    i. From your Fiat Wallet, click Buy Crypto.
    ii. Search Zilliqa and select it.
    iii. Input the amount of ZIL you want to buy (the conversion appears directly above).
    iv. Click Buy XXXX ZIL.
    v. The ZIL will appear in your Crypto Wallet.


ZilPay is a Google Chrome extension (and an app, but the app isn’t compatible with the swap function yet) which can hold Zilliqa and other ZRC-2 tokens (such as SCO). It is also needed to swap ZIL for SCO (and vice-versa) and to stake SCO (when that is ready). To get ZilPay and prepare for SCO, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and download the Chrome extension. Follow the directions to add the extension and create a new wallet. IMPORTANT: Write down your password and your secret phrase. Make sure to write down the phrase in order, or print it, and do not show it to anyone. Keep it in a very safe place. This is the only way to recover your wallet if you get a new device, so it is absolutely critical for you to keep it somewhere secure.

  2. To add SCO as a supported token, click the icon that looks like a steering wheel at the bottom of the wallet page. This will bring up a list of currently supported tokens. Click the + on the right side of the screen to add a token. Copy and paste the SCO contract address when prompted and it will bring it up. The contract address is:


    Note: The steering wheel icon is how you switch between tokens. To see (or send) ZIL, select ZIL in the list. To see (or send) SCO, select SCO from the list.

  3. You are now ready to receive SCO!


Sending ZIL from to ZilPay

  1. Copy your address from ZilPay (you can copy this by clicking where it says “Account 0” on your ZilPay, and it copies for you automatically).

  2. Go into your account and select Accounts. Click next to Crypto Wallet (if you click where the amount shows up, it will work).

  3. Select Zilliqa. Click Transfer and then Withdraw. Select External Wallet. Click Add Wallet Address, and paste in your ZilPay address. Double check the address! You can add a wallet name at this stage, such as Bob’s ZilPay, or whatever you want.

  4. Press Continue. Input the amount of ZIL you want to send, and confirm it.

  5. Sometimes it can take a few minutes, but your ZIL should now be in your ZilPay.

Swapping for SCO
To swap ZIL for SCO, follow these steps:

  1. Once it’s in your ZilPay, open a window and go to At this point, it will ask you to connect your ZilPay to ZilSwap. Allow this, making sure it is correct.

  2. On ZilSwap, click Swap. Select ZIL in the first box and SCO in the second box. Input the amount of ZIL you want to exchange, and then press Swap. The rest happens automatically, and the ZIL will be taken from your wallet and SCO placed in there, usually within a couple of minutes.



Any time you send ZIL, SCO, or any other token on the Zilliqa blockchain, you need to have some ZIL in the wallet to cover the blockchain “gas” fee. The fee is usually very low, but it is a good idea to have 20-50 ZIL in the wallet to make sure the transaction triggers properly. Without enough ZIL to cover the fee, you cannot perform a transaction.
This also applies when you are swapping ZIL for SCO. You cannot send the “Max” amount; you need to leave a minimum of 10 ZIL back (but it’s recommended to leave 20-50).

If you need help or clarification at any step, please contact Liz on Telegram at @liz_uffsofficial or by email at

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