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How To Stake SCO!


No Lock-in Period, Earn rewards on your entire Wallet by simply registering it! 10% Fee* on Reward Tokens when claiming only.

Connect to your ZilPay Wallet. Use Chrome for best results (It will work with Mobile ZilPay app and the ZilPay browser as well, but not Safari or Mobile Chrome)! If you don't have a ZilPay Wallet, you can get the extension for Chrome here.

Click "CONNECT WALLET" in top right corner of the page, Review Terms of Service and "Connect ZilPay"

**You will need some Zil for gas Fees, and of course some SCO.

*Subject to change

UFFS Staking ( Terms of Service

SCO and Zil NEVER leave the holders wallet and are always under their control  Security of wallet is holders responsibility!!

Rewards calculated daily and can only be claimed after 10 blocks from previous claim.

Once Approved in ZilPay, You can "ENABLE WALLET"  This will register it for Rewards.  You will need some Zil here for Gas Fees.  "Confirm" in ZilPay.

"CLAIM" YOUR REWARDS!!!  You will need some Zil here for gas fees, and of course you need some SCO before you get any rewards.  Approve the transaction in ZilPay and enjoy your rewards!

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