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Crypto Adoption Specialists


Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is seeking crypto adoption specialists to onboard users that are new to crypto or need assistance entering the UFFS ecosystem.

Do you enjoy sharing your crypto knowledge and expertise with newcomers to the space?

Are you passionate about educating people on the ins and outs of crypto — particularly relating to the UFFS platform but also in general terms?

UFF Sports is rapidly expanding and will require plenty of onboarding and educating in the months and years to come.


A large percentage of users come from a fantasy sports background and crypto is foreign to them, so these specialists will facilitate setting up wallets and purchasing crypto to participate in UFFS gameplay.

These specialists will simplify that adoption process and also educate users on how to convert the UFFS native token Score Coin (SCO) back into fiat or other crypto currencies.

In addition to gameplay users and investors, several high-profile and promising athletes are also joining the UFFS platform as Digital Athlete NFTs and may require assistance in overseeing their UFFS wallets and transferring funds to fiat.

With staking and DeFi on the horizon — UFFS will have its own DEX known as Sport Swap — these specialists will be tasked with preparing tutorials for existing users.

As crypto-related issues arise, these specialists will be called upon for troubleshooting and technical support.

There will always be work for crypto adoption specialists within the UFFS ecosystem.


Compensation will be negotiated between the parties involved and can be payable in Score Coin (SCO) or other currencies (crypto or fiat) at their discretion.

UFFS does not oversee or assume responsibility for compensation, so there are no set rates or contracts for crypto adoption specialists. They can determine their rates and preferred currency based on their clientele.

Please submit your application, with resume and portfolio. To pursue and explore current opportunities, be sure to join the official UFF Sports group on Telegram and network there by introducing yourself and expressing interest in your field.

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