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Digital Artists


Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is seeking established and aspiring digital artists with a steady stream of freelance opportunities.

Do you specialize in designing sports NFTs?

Do you enjoy creating customized NFTs for athletes from a variety of sports all around the world or a specific sport that you are passionate about?

UFF Sports is rapidly expanding and will have plenty of work in the months and years to come.


UFFS is recruiting and onboarding several high-profile and promising athletes — each with their own Digital Athlete NFT as well as collectible NFTs.

This is an opportunity to work with those athletes to create customized NFTs that will stand out in the sporting world and establish UFFS as an industry leader in the NFT space.

UFFS intends to have submissions of photos and videos from the athletes, then have digital artists submit their renderings. The athlete will control the creative process by approving the NFT, not only to ensure they share in the vision, but provide the buyer with a personal touch on their investment.

“We want the best of the best — the highest quality possible — but we also want to open the door to everyone and help discover some of the top aspiring artists from around the globe,” UFFS president and co-founder Tony Charanduk said in a recent press release announcing their NFT department. “These official Digital Athlete NFTs will be 1-of-1 with no duplication and that scarcity, combined with their utility, longevity and athlete authentication, will make them the most valuable sporting NFTs. And these aren’t just collectibles that look cool with speculative value — they will be constantly and consistently generating revenue for both the NFT owner and the real world athlete. That is what separates UFF Sports from other NFT platforms.”

There will be opportunities for digital artists of all experience levels as the volume of NFTs scales across the sporting world — from ice hockey and American football to basketball and baseball to golf and mixed martial arts/boxing and beyond. The UFFS vision is to offer every sport at every level, mirroring the real world 1:1 on the Zilliqa blockchain. There will always be work for digital artists within the UFFS ecosystem.


Digital Artists will receive a percentage of revenue generated by the initial auction and subsequent sales of Digital Athlete NFTs and collectibles that they design.

Compensation will be payable in the UFFS native token Score Coin (SCO), which can be converted to fiat in a few simple steps as well as exchanged for other crypto currencies. Those SCO payments will be automated through smart contracts on the UFFS platform.

Please submit your application, with resume and portfolio. To pursue and explore current opportunities, be sure to join the official UFF Sports group on Telegram and network there by introducing yourself and expressing interest in your field. You can also contact the NFT department directors George Bachul (george@uffsports.com) and Harold Zibell (harold@uffsports.com) for more information.

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