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Graphic Designers


Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is seeking established and aspiring graphic designers with a steady stream of freelance opportunities.

Do you specialize in designing logos for sports leagues and franchises?

Do you enjoy creating graphics for social and traditional media?

UFF Sports is rapidly expanding and will have plenty of work in the months and years to come.


UFFS leagues, franchises and scouting agencies are constantly investing in their branding through unique professional logos.

This is an opportunity to work with those start-ups to create lasting logos that will stand out in the fantasy world and rival the real world!

Existing entities may also want secondary/alternate logos, jerseys/uniforms, memorabilia and merchandise designed. Imagination is the only limitation!

There will also be opportunities to design social media graphics as well as digital media, podcasts, etc. There will always be work for graphic designers within the UFFS ecosystem.


Compensation will be negotiated between the parties involved and can be payable in Score Coin (SCO) or other currencies (crypto or fiat) at their discretion.

UFFS does not determine or oversee compensation — aside from UFFS specific branding — so there are no set rates or contracts.

Please submit your application, with resume and portfolio. To pursue and explore current opportunities, be sure to join the official UFF Sports group on Telegram and network there by introducing yourself and expressing interest in your field.

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