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Bombers Becoming Generals With Latest & Greatest Franchise Sale

Bombers Becoming Generals With Latest & Greatest UFHL Franchise Sale

Curtis Johnson bought himself a shiny new toy for Christmas — a franchise in the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League, purchasing the Bombers from Brock Holowachuk. That sale became official on Dec. 26 but, unfortunately, Johnson didn’t get a Boxing Day discount — paying a record-setting price of $2,400 USD. But as the kids say, treat yo’ self! “The UFFS is the closest thing to owning a real hockey franchise as an Average Joe and a dream of mine has been to own/GM a WHL franchise,” said Johnson, a 34-year-old entrepreneur and investor with NHL bloodlines. “Fantasy hockey leagues are a dime a dozen but this takes it to the extreme … in a good way. The UFFS and their founders have created something special where you have this fantasy sports world and its ecosystem that creates for each individual (owners and scouts) a chance to build digital assets that can turn around and be traded/sold and that’s what makes owning and general managing so realistic in this league. “The future for UFFS is bright and I want to be a part of it for as long as I can!”

Johnson owns the CanWest Fantasy Sports Group — which will be rebranding the UFHL franchise to the CanWest Generals — and is now fully invested in the UFF Sports platform, having previously purchased a UFAHL franchise and started a scouting agency. The UFAHL franchise will be known as the CanWest Corporals, with the CanWest Scouting Agency serving as a feeder system and revenue generator for both franchises. Johnson will be doubling as general manager for the Generals and Corporals — at least for the 2021 season — but has already assembled an army of a support staff. Harrison Fallow will be Johnson’s right-hand man in a dual role as assistant general manager and head scout. Johnson’s wife, Tina, will oversee the CanWest Scouting Agency’s operations and help manage their four other scouts: Curtis G. (Pro Scout), Chad C. (North America Amateur Scout), Grant F. (European Amateur Scout), and Ambrose F. (U15 Talent Scout). “Depending on how the UFAHL franchises run alongside the UFHL, all three organizations will have an impact and be intertwined with each other,” said Johnson. “Harrison and our scouting department will be the most important one of the three, as identifying young talent to pick up in the Futures Auction and Open Market will help fund our ability as a UFHL franchise to purchase top-end prospects in the Entry Auction as well as trade for better assets. “If the UFAHL affiliates with the UFHL franchises, having a deep and talented prospect pool will not only help ice a competitive UFAHL franchise but be a feeder system to solidify a strong UFHL roster every year.”