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Contendr is proud to announce its first partnership with Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports (UFFS).

UFFS is a revolutionary fantasy sports platform, providing the most realistic and in-depth gameplay experience in a professional high stakes ecosystem that incorporates blockchain technology, NFTs, the metaverse, and cryptocurrency — with SCORE Coin (SCO) as the official currency of the UFFS platform. UFFS envisions offering every sport at every level, mirroring the real world 1:1 without any duplication to create a scarcity that drives valuations in this new world of professional fantasy sports. UFFS is also helping real world athletes launch their digital careers as NFTs with utility in fantasy leagues, where athletes get rewarded for their stats for the first time ever. From current to future and past stars, athletes from all sports will be paid for their play in dynasty leagues as well as Legends simulation leagues.

UFF Sports and its ecosystem significantly influenced the creation of Contendr. Our founders became members of the UFF ecosystem in November 2020 and eagerly participated in their fantasy sports platforms with great success. We strongly encourage our users to return the favor by participating in our shared ecosystem to earn similar rewards!

Contendr is excited to announce that by 2023, it will be providing its isolated fantasy team betting technology to the four main leagues within UFF Sports. With this collaboration, Contendr aims to expand its user base, brand recognition, and vertical progress, while UFF Sports seeks to develop its horizontal product offering, which includes but isn't limited to fantasy betting, cross-chain cryptocurrency, user growth, and more.

“UFF Sports is a company we wanted to collaborate with right away,” says Contendr's founder and creator Robert Love. “Their desire to go above and beyond for their users and the entire fantasy sports industry is something to be emulated. We're thrilled to have strengthened both ecosystems with this partnership and excited to provide more significant earnings potential for all our users.”

With a shared vision for innovation, we believe that the alliance between both brands will provide something new to the table, and with a joint commitment to innovate fantasy sports, we think it has the potential to transform fantasy sports into a totally contemporary source of income. Users in the Contendr platform will be able to earn a greater staking return (SCO token) in their fantasy leagues and wager on both their own teams and the top UFF Sports leagues (UFAFL, UFHL, UFBA, UFLB, etc...).

“UFFS is very excited to not only partner but invest in the Contendr platform. We have worked closely with Rob Love over the years, growing and developing the UFFS platform. We feel Contendr is a unique mainstream fantasy product that will be an amazing compliment to the UFFS Professional Fantasy ecosystem,” said UFF Sports president and co-founder Tony Charanduk, who also sees a lot of potential in the cross-chain opportunities, with UFFS based on the Zilliqa blockchain. “With Contendr launching on the Solana blockchain, we are thrilled to welcome the Solana community to the UFFS ecosystem. UFFS is committed to take our product cross-chain, so the investment in Contendr gives us a perfect opportunity to move a portion of the SCO supply to Solana.”

Contendr’s roadmap focuses on integrating UFF Sports into Solana in such a way that the users of both platforms will benefit. UFF Sports’ fantasy leagues will be deployed as the premier betting offering on Contendr. UFF Sports is committed to creating a cross-chain environment with their current tech stack (Zilliqa), with plans to create strong yield incentives for Contendr specific fantasy leagues (prize pool staking). Contendr is also ready to integrate Solana-specific NFTs from UFF Sports into our network and marketplaces as a significant ally to lesion UFF Sports.

We believe in the potential of the Contendr platform, and we're eager to get started. The long-term goal of this collaboration is to enable full cross-chain functionality between both platforms, allowing our entire user base more alternatives and chances to win while playing fantasy sports. UFF Sports and Contendr are the future of fantasy sports!

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