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Firing Up The UFBA Open Market

With the inaugural UFBA Futures Auction in the books, the Open Market is set to become available to scouts on Monday, March 14!

The Open Market is a tool available to all interested scouts (and any non-majority franchise owner can register to be a scout), where any player (some restrictions apply - see below) can be registered for the minimum price of $20 USD worth of SCO.

The restrictions on the Open Market registrations are as follows: as of March 14, the cutoff date for player birthdays will be Jan. 1, 1987 to Dec. 31, 2003. This cutoff date will change after the 2024 Futures Auction, which will take place following the 2022 UFBA Entry Auction later in the summer of 2022.

For college players that have birthdays that are not easily found, placeholder birthdays of 'Jan. 1, 2003' will be acceptable until more information is found.

On the Open Market tab on, other required fields include 'Name', 'Position', 'Hometown', 'Country (of Birth)', and 'Status'. Please ensure the player's name is spelled correctly, as there are many players who have very similar names. Position and Hometown can be less strict - if a player is a point guard and is listed as a shooting guard, for example, that is acceptable. Similarly, if a player was born in a certain location but grew up or lives elsewhere, either location is acceptable as long as that place is associated with that player online.

For the 'Status' tab, the classifications are as follows:

'Future' = Eligible for 2023/Future Draft classes

'Draft Prospect' = Eligible for 2022 Draft class

'Prospect' = No longer age eligible for draft or already drafted/signed but not yet in NBA or hasn’t reached rookie threshold to turn from Prospect to Pro status (UFBA Rookie threshold = 26 games).

Typically, most players available will fall under the Future or Draft Prospect classifications - if there is some confusion, the Future status will suffice as a placeholder.

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