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SCO Becomes a Utility Token on a New Platform

UFF Sports is excited to announce that it has finalized a deal for our native cryptocurrency, SCO Coin, to be utilized on a third party platform as their project’s primary means of transaction on-chain. Chip-in, a global sports focused charity and fundraising platform, has partnered with UFFS and will build their cryptocurrency functionality around SCO.

This is a big step for the utility of SCO, with SCO the primary token on an entirely separate platform that has the potential to transact millions of dollars monthly, by raising funds via Athlete promotion and distributing these funds globally to people in need. This will strengthen the demand for SCO and add that to the rapid expansion of the UFFS platform, the future looks bright for SCO as a utility token in the digital sports world.

UFFS has committed funds to assist Chip-in to build an effective link between the UFFS infrastructure and the new Chip-in platform. These tools will enable athletes and programs to raise funds in SCO and fiat, and then have those funds distributed in SCO to people in need. One of the goals of distributing these funds in SCO is to educate people about the crypto space and incentivize them to use tools like staking and farming to become more self-reliant. As our primary charitable partner UFFS will be supporting these initiatives by contributing a percentage of our incoming tokens monthly.

“This is a very important development for SCO in terms of utility but at UFFS we also feel the Android and IPhone app that Chip-in is about to launch is a very powerful tool to help people in need directly, but also work towards giving them a sustainable way of life. We have so much respect and admiration for the team at Chip-in and we look forward to changing the world for the better together”. Tony Charanduk - UFFS Founder

"This partnership is truly revolutionary. Combining our two platforms together in partnership to help serve people all across the globe who need financial assistance only makes Chip-in and the SCO token that much stronger to accomplish our goals. We will rebuild countries through this model and allow athletes, celebrities and sports teams to highlight their social impact on our platform. Be apart of this journey with us helping others and communities in need." Gerald Smiley Founder & CEO Chip-in

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