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ShowTime Joins UFFS With Record-Setting Sale; Buys UFHL’s Blizzard & UFAHL’s Schooners for $50K US

Riding the wave of momentum from the recent Score Token launch, Dylan Wheaton cashed in with a record-setting franchise sale and David Ade paid a pretty penny to join the prestigious group of owners in the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League.

Ade, also known as ShowTime, purchased the UFHL’s Blizzard for 65,000 SCO as well as their UFAHL affiliate, the Schooners, for 15,000 SCO. The combined 80,000 SCO was worth over $50,000 USD at the time of the sale and that value rose to over $70,000 USD the following day.

The official sale prices were $41,535 USD for the Blizzard and $9,585 USD for the Schooners — totalling $51,120 USD when the transaction took place on Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday evening, that 80,000 SCO was worth $71,200 USD as UFF Sports’ native token, the Score Coin, continued to climb from $0.63 to $0.89 USD on Zilstream.

But worth noting, SCO launched last Saturday with a $0.10 USD private sale, so assuming ShowTime loaded up there, this 80,000 SCO transaction would have only amounted to $8,000 USD out of pocket. Regardless, the current valuation ensured a record sale for the Blizzard — raising the bar exponentially from the previous high of $10,000 USD for the UFHL’s expansion franchise that was auctioned off on March 1.

“It was a tough negotiation but, at the end of it, I believe both sides came out feeling it was a win-win deal for everyone,” said Ade, a crypto investor from the United States.

Tough because selling wasn’t Wheaton’s intention. He had been searching for an equity partner to help fund the franchise’s operating budget and to oversee the crypto aspects — with staking and DeFi on the way — but Ade made an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“This is an emotional day for me. I have met so many great people on this platform over my time as owner and part owner of UFHL franchises. At the end of the day, it was a financial decision,” admitted Wheaton (pictured below), who started out as part of a five-man ownership group with Rock Republic — before being bought out by Kyle Roberts — and then became the sole owner of the Blizzard in early December for $1,500 CAD ($1,175 USD).

“I have a busy life at the moment with work and school, but I didn’t plan on selling entire ownership of the Blizzard,” Wheaton elaborated. “I met ShowTime last week and we had been chatting for 4-5 days about him joining as an equity investor. Hours before the deal went down, we were really close on finalizing a minority equity deal when I spoke to Jessica (Stuckey, former owner of the UFAHL affiliate Schooners) about us both selling the entire franchises. She said that she’d be for selling the Schooners if the interested party would sign her to a multi-year contract as GM of the UFHL and UFAHL franchises.”

Enter the third key player here — Stuckey, who happens to be Rock Republic owner Kyle Roberts’ better half — and Ade accepted those terms since his focus is primarily on the crypto side of the platform while wading into the world of professional fantasy sports.

“I’d like to thank ShowTime for the great negotiations and signing me to a three-year contract as GM of the Blizzard (UFHL) and Schooners (UFAHL),” said Stuckey, who also turned an impressive profit on her $50 USD investment for a UFAHL franchise in December when UFFS added its first minor league to mirror the American Hockey League (AHL). The UFHL mirrors the National Hockey League (NHL). “Although I have mixed emotions that I no longer own a UFAHL franchise, I am now in a role that better suits my interests. Becoming a GM in the UFHL (and UFAHL) was my main goal since joining UFF Sports. I am excited about the amount that I have received for my franchise ($9,585 USD at time of sale, $13,350 USD at SCO high point) and plan to continue investing into the platform.”

“Glad to have Jessica stick around to help out in the GM role as my expertise is in crypto,” added Ade. “That said, I’m very competitive, so I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun. Looking forward to getting my hands dirty. …

“Beside crypto, which takes up 90 per cent of my free time, I love to exercise because you know health is wealth!”

Managing a UFHL franchise can be quite the workout in itself. Stuckey is up for the challenge, becoming the third female GM — joining Andrea Charanduk of the Grizzlies and Chericce Schulz of the Crypto Knights. Last season’s playoff champion was also a woman, Ashley Murray, though she went out on top by selling the Monarchs franchise in October — just weeks after winning the inaugural Klein Cup. Charanduk was crowned last year’s regular season champion and awarded the Founders’ Trophy as the Grizzlies were topping the standings at the COVID shutdown — remaining a top-10 franchise amid stiffer competition this season in the first full campaign for the UFHL.

The Blizzard are at the opposite end of the standings — sitting second last this season and eliminated from playoff contention long ago. Their roster features a few young guns, including Kaapo Kakko, Travis Konecny and Olli Juolevi, but the biggest name is future Legends Leaguer Ryan Getzlaf. They do boast a full protected list as well as nine draft picks — including eight first-rounders over the next three years (one in 2021, four in 2022 and three in 2023) — and will have plenty of cap space heading into this offseason to reload with free agents and trade acquisitions before and after the expansion draft.

“I have left the Blizzard franchise in good shape,” said Wheaton. “They are struggling this year but that is to be expected during a rebuild. The protected list and young roster players look very good for the long term.”

Stuckey is eager to put her stamp on the active roster and to start turning the corner towards contender status.

“Myself and ShowTime will chat over the weekend and leading into next week on the direction of the franchises,” said Stuckey. “UFHL fans, don’t be surprised to see many moves for the Blizzard over the offseason. Expect 30th place to be in the past. Look out Lemieux Division!”

As for Wheaton’s future, he may not be removed from the UFHL for long. It wouldn’t be shocking to see Wheaton return to a role with Rock Republic in the months or years to come.

“I wish ShowTime and Jessica the best of luck! For now, I’m going to focus on the investment side of the platform and wait for the next opportunity to open,” said Wheaton. “I’d like to thank the UFF Sports community for everything. I won’t be too far away!”

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