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UFBA Scouts Prep for Entry Auction Following 2022 NBA Draft

The 2022 NBA Draft is in the books, which means that the 2022 UFBA Entry Auction isn't far behind! Scheduled for Sunday, July 17 @ 8pm ET, the Entry Auction is the annual event where the next generation of basketball stars will find their way onto a UFBA franchise!

58 players from around the world were drafted onto NBA rosters on Thursday, June 23, so let's take a look at how it broke down for the scouts who were savvy enough to nab their rights earlier this season:

Of the 58 players picked, 45 of them were purchased off the Futures Auction list compiled by UFBA Scouting Director Daniele Franceschi earlier in March 2022. 10 of them were registered on the Open Market (, and three of them are still out there, waiting to be snapped up!

Some scouts made out pretty well: John Sullivan grabbed the first overall pick, which was a surprise to begin the evening: Paolo Banchero was drafted by the Orlando Magic, and was also John's only pick in the 58 players drafted overall!

Indera S walked away with 19 of the 58 draftees, including eighth overall pick Dyson Daniels, 11th overall pick Ousmane Dieng, and 12th overall pick Jalen Williams, who was registered on the Open Market.

Meanwhile, Joanne Maude has nine of the 58 draftees, including four of the top ten players - Chet Holmgren (2nd), Jabari Smith (3rd), Jaden Ivey (5th), and Shaedon Sharpe (7th).

Bombers GM Mike Marth did very well, grabbing five draftees - including three of the top 25 players - and he got all five at a bargain as well, totalling $130 USD spent earlier this year.

Nick Taylor - Director of the VIP Sports Management Scouting Agency - also did well, registering six prospects, three of which were via the Open Market.

Once the undrafted free agent market commences, more prospects will make their way to the NBA - and thus, the UFBA - and the 2022 Entry Auction awaits to find out which of these players will make it to the majors later this offseason!

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