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UFBA Welcomes New Commissioner Ahead of 2022-23 Season

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

The Ultimate Fantasy Basketball Association is very pleased to announce the new Commissioner, Mark Staniusz!

Joining from the UFGA — the Ultimate Fantasy Golf Association — where he will continue to also serve as Commissioner, Mark has an extensive background in the media, having worked for Sportsnet in Toronto, Ontario, for the past several years as a Broadcast Associate. Mark also has decades of experience with fantasy sports, and has served as a Commissioner in many leagues over the years across different fantasy sports.

"Having known Mark for years, he is incredibly passionate about both sports and fantasy offerings," says Head of Sport Sho Alli. "Having someone who is ready to dive in with the sleeves rolled back is always good news for the league's owners, general managers and fans!"

The previous Commissioner, Keshav Sharma, is moving into an operations-centric role for other existing UFF Sports franchises, including the UFLB's Scorpions and the UFWBA's Sparrows.

"Keshav did a ton of heavy lifting behind the scenes, things that many fans and others might never know about," says Alli. "The UFBA will forever be better off thanks to his hard work, and we look forward to continually seeing him around the platform going forward into the future."

With Mark joining during the offseason before the beginning of the 2022-23 UFBA & NBA seasons, the first items on his agenda are the annual Board of Governors meetings, where rule changes can be proposed, discussed, and voted on. The deadline for rule change proposals (additions, changes, etc.) is Wednesday, August 31 at 11:59pm ET - any proposals will be discussed at the Board of Governors meetings in September 2022.

Further, existing UFBA franchises will also be expected to give their input on defunct franchises, including potential franchise sales to new owners.

The UFBA season begins on October 19, 2022 as the Spitfire Aviators will look to defend their title with the beginning of the 2022-23 season.

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