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UFF Sports Announces Next Sport: Golf Slated For Summer Launch

Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports will be teeing it up this fall.

UFF Sports recently announced golf as their next sport to be hitting the digital links on the Zilliqa blockchain.

The Ultimate Fantasy Golf Association (UFGA) follows the successful debut of the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League (UFHL), which sold an expansion franchise for a record-setting $10,000 USD on March 1.

“Golf is going to be a great next step for UFFS and we’re confident the UFGA will be a hit in the golf community,” said Nathan Bender, co-founder of UFF Sports and head of golf operations. “Just imagine owning the one and only Tiger Woods as an NFT, or having Dustin Johnson as your franchise player — and eventually being able to own Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer as Legends. Not to mention scouting and trying to find the next Woods or Michelle Wie — the next phenom and all the diamonds in the rough, unearthing gems from bunkers all around the world.

“This platform is going to be a golf fan’s dream and home to all the hardcores! The UFGA is going to revolutionize fantasy golf and become the go-to game within the game!”

Golf franchises will be sold this summer through a franchise auction on August 8 following the final round of the St. Jude Invitational, then rosters of professional golfers will be drafted and top prospects will be auctioned during the FedEx Cup playoffs before scouts get to work on the Open Market in September. The plan is to launch UFGA gameplay for the 2021-22 golf season, which typically starts in mid-September.

A select number of prominent golfers — the top point-getters and most valuable NFTs — will be labelled franchise players and be available to the highest bidders in that initial auction on August 8. The winning bidders will become franchise owners and will draft the remainder of their active roster for free before filling out their protected list through the prospect auction and scout acquisitions.

The gameplay details are still being determined but will be finalized prior to August 8 in terms of roster sizes, scoring system/categories, etc. The goal of the UFGA will be to provide the most realistic and entertaining fantasy golf experience, while offering utility for those unique NFT collectibles.

UFF Sports mirrors the real world 1:1, ensuring there is no duplication of digital assets on the Zilliqa blockchain, with that scarcity driving up the value for the world’s best and most popular athletes.

“The rise in popularity of Generation 1 NFTs has been a boost to our project and we feel that having Generation 2 NFTs — NFTs that have utility, like fantasy gameplay — within the sports ecosystem that we are building sets us apart from everyone in this space,” said Tony Charanduk, co-founder and president of UFF Sports.

The UFGA franchises will compete over the course of the PGA season, including an innovative playoff format with significant prize money at stake — the UFHL’s progressive prize pool will surpass $50,000 USD this season — while scouts scour the world for prospects of interest to those UFGA franchises. That feeder system of talent will be integral for the UFGA — as the professional dynasty league — and for all levels of golf on the UFF Sports platform, which plans to offer amateur and Legends leagues in the years to come.

As with any fantasy league, there will be trades and trash talk, but the gameplay will only be half the fun with the UFGA, as franchise owners build their brand away from the fantasy course. They will come up with creative franchise names and logos, eventually selling merchandise while growing a fanbase through social media promotion.