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UFF Sports Announces NFT & Collectibles Department, Directors

Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports have tabbed their go-to guys for authenticated player NFTs and all things collectibles.

George Bachul and Harold Zibell will be serving as Directors of Business Development, NFTs and Collectibles — tasked with recruiting and coordinating athletes and artists to produce unique NFTs on the UFFS platform. Together, they will oversee that marketplace and the NFT department within the UFFS ecosystem and in conjunction with partners specializing in that space.

“This role is to develop relationships with players and agents to connect them to the platform with their official fantasy player NFT. Once a player partners with UFFS, that will be expanded into art and collectible NFTs, bringing a strong revenue stream to UFFS and those player-partners,” said Bachul, whose background is in corporate management for technology and oil and gas industries. “Harold and I will be working with athletes, agents, teams and leagues around the world, creating value opportunities for players and SCO investors.

“We have a tremendous vision of utilizing the platform to create revenue for the players and leagues while supporting leagues and SCO token valuations.”

UFF Sports is generating several revenue streams for real world athletes through NFTs that provide utility and longevity. Fantasy gameplay, including Legends simulation leagues that sustain value beyond active careers and for alumni from past eras, is the driving force for the UFFS platform, but there will also be betting, staking and DeFi elements from the crypto world as well as merchandise and advertising revenue funnelled back to the real world athletes. In addition to collectibles, of course.

“The vision of UFFS is so clear and the whole team at UFFS is so passionate about sports and making SCO the most successful cryptocurrency representing sports,” said Zibell, referencing the native Score Coin that debuted on May 1 with a $0.10 USD private sale — selling out in less than 30 seconds — before going public at $0.20 USD on May 3 and soaring as high as $1.10 USD over its first few weeks on the Zilswap market.

“I have a strong entrepreneurial and business background and after talking to a couple of founders who are good friends, you throw in sports, cryptocurrency and business and I’m in!” added Zibell, who has been a crypto investor for a few years and a lifelong sports fan with a passion for hockey and football, both CFL and NFL.

Bachul is newer to crypto and was initially attracted to the UFFS platform for the gameplay — offering the most realistic fantasy experience, mirroring the real world leagues as closely as possible — but immediately took interest in the potential of NFTs and collectibles. “We project this to be a huge part of the platform and it will be very exciting to watch it grow,” said Bachul. “We are expecting the NFT marketplace to be up and running in the next several weeks and we will have a significant number of announcements on athletes and specific partnerships.”

As for artists, UFF Sports is taking an innovative approach on that front too.

“We intend to have submissions of photos and videos from the athletes to our platform. We then have the artists submit their rendering. The athlete will control the creative process by approving the NFT, not only to ensure they share in the vision, but provide the buyer with a personal touch on their investment,” explained Bachul.

With the athletes’ involvement and promotion of these NFT contests, there should be no shortage of artists submitting their creations. It will create healthy competition among the UFFS artistic community and there will be plenty of work to go around — with opportunities for everyone and anyone — as the volume of NFTs scales across the sporting world.

“We want the best of the best — the highest quality possible — but we also want to open the door to everyone and help discover some of the top aspiring artists from around the globe,” said UFFS president and co-founder Tony Charanduk. “These official UFFS player NFTs will be 1-of-1 with no duplication and that scarcity, combined with their utility, longevity and athlete authentication, will make them the most valuable sporting NFTs. And these aren’t just collectibles that look cool with speculative value — they will be constantly and consistently generating revenue for both the NFT owner and the real world athlete. That is what separates UFF Sports from other NFT platforms.”

Interested athletes, agents and artists can contact George ( and Harold ( through email to join the UFFS platform and start producing next level NFTs that will take this industry by storm in the months to come.

“NFTs and collectibles are the perfect way for players to capitalize on their skill and for fans to get authentic items direct from their favourite players,” said Zibell. “UFFS is going to be the gold standard verified platform for fans to purchase authenticated NFTs direct from the players themselves.”

“One of the biggest reasons I got involved is the UFFS management group has a strong vision and the utility of the SCO token far exceeds many existing currencies,” concluded Bachul.

For more info on UFFS, check out the new website at and the recently launched hockey platform at

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