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UFF Sports Announces Ultimate Fantasy Fighting League

UFF Sports Announces Ultimate Fantasy Fighting League

UFF Sports is bringing the fight game to the blockchain — expanding to mixed martial arts, with the Ultimate Fantasy Fighting League expected to launch this fall. MMA has become one of the world’s most popular and fastest growing sports, making it a perfect fit for the emerging fantasy sports platform, which is in the process of transitioning from the Ethereum blockchain to Zilliqa. “Fighting is global and that’s our goal — to go global as a leader and innovator in fantasy sports,” said Tony Charanduk, president and founder of Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports. “From kickboxing in Thailand to jiu-jitsu in Brazil, wrestling in the United States to sambo in Russia, everyone knows some form of fighting. It truly is the purest sport in the sense that anyone can fight — some are just better at it than others. And the best will find their way to the UFFL! “This MMA league is going to be revolutionary,” Charanduk boasted. “There is nothing like it. This is going to be entirely new and exciting for fans of the UFC — the Ultimate Fighting Championship — and MMA in general.”

The UFFL, as it’ll be known, will be modelled after the UFHL — the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League, which has been highly successful as UFF Sports’ initial offering. That means there will be franchises drafting rosters of fighters to compete against each other over the course of a season, while scouts scour the MMA world for prospects of interest to those UFFL franchises. The scoring system is a work in progress but promises to be unique and place appropriate value on all the fighters from champions to rising stars. There will be trades and trash talk but, as with the UFHL, the gameplay will only be half the fun with the UFFL, as franchise owners build their brand outside of the fantasy cage. They will come up with creative franchise names and logos, eventually selling merchandise while growing a fanbase through social media promotion.

Both pride and championships will be at stake as the Ultimate Fantasy Fighting League provides a competitive form of entertainment based on real world results. The UFFL will take on a life of its own as it becomes a reality and raises the bar for fantasy MMA. “MMA fans are hardcore — they eat, sleep and breathe their sport. They know every fighter and have their heroes and heels like any other sport. They deserve this next-level fantasy experience — comparable to existing leagues for football and baseball, basketball and hockey,” said Charanduk. “This is the future of fantasy for MMA. These are franchises, not just fantasy teams, and every fighter is a digital asset on the blockchain. With UFF Sports, you own the game!” Pre-register now on the UFF Sports website,, as a potential franchise owner, scout or fan. The plan is to sell UFFL franchises this fall, draft rosters as early as December and, if all goes according to schedule, start the inaugural season in January. Follow the UFFL on Twitter at @UFFL_UFFS. For more information, email

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