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UFF Sports & Blockasset Partner to Produce Next Level Sports NFTs With Utility

Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports and Blockasset have partnered to revolutionize and centralize the booming world of sports NFTs.

Together, they will be producing unique, athlete-authenticated NFTs with utility on the Zilliqa blockchain.

“UFF Sports is incredibly excited about the partnership with Blockasset. This collaboration brings together two high-energy, innovative and likeminded groups that are certainly going to change and mould the sports NFT world,” said Tony Charanduk, UFF Sports president and co-founder. “This partnership increases the global reach of both projects, making us an international powerhouse in the space. The combination of Blockasset’s focus on high-quality, premium collectible NFTs and UFFS’s commitment to creating utility and generational revenue streams for the athlete’s one-and-only fantasy player NFT will form the gold standard in this market.”

Blockasset will specialize in connecting athletes and artists with fans through verified NFTs — that include VIP experiences and real world use — while UFF Sports will feature official player NFTs that generate revenue through fantasy gameplay, betting, merchandise and more streams that funnel back to the real world athletes.

“We are very excited to be working with UFF Sports in a new collaborative partnership. The UFFS team have already been an incredible asset to us as we begin our own journey, building on the Zilliqa blockchain, and we’re looking forward to collaborating as both projects continue to grow,” said Paul Evans, Blockasset managing director and co-founder. “The vision of UFF Sports lines up perfectly with what Blockasset are seeking to achieve, and we believe that together, we can set a new standard for athlete NFTs, and really narrow the bridge between athletes and their fans.”

Athletes will be associated with both platforms through this partnership, with Blockasset becoming the go-to marketplace for customized collectibles and UFF Sports focusing on the fantasy aspects, including Legends simulated leagues and eSports in addition to dynasty leagues that mirror the real world as well as an innovative scouting program.

“A commitment to athletes taking back their brand, generating revenue from fantasy gameplay, crypto, eSports and many other revenue streams, all while working with the holders of the these NFTs is a vision we both share,” said Charanduk. “UFFS partnering with our friends at Blockasset confirms there are exciting times ahead.”

UFF Sports plans to rapidly expand, with the vision of offering every sport at every level.

Blockasset has contracted some of the world’s best digital artists and already has several prominent athletes from a variety of sports committed to their platform, with those NFT collections to be unveiled in the coming weeks and months.

“Although we cannot disclose full details just yet, we can assure everyone that the partnership will be beneficial not just for both parties, but for our athletes, our NFT customers and the wider Zilliqa, Blockasset and UFFS communities,” said Evans. “We can’t wait to show our communities what we have planned!”

Both platforms are passionate about creating unique NFTs — true 1-to-1s, with no duplication. Quality over quantity is another common goal, wanting their NFTs to be world class and next level in comparison to the sports NFTs currently on the market. And all that aforementioned utility truly makes these NFTs next generation.

UFF Sports recently announced their NFT & Collectibles department, which will be headed up by George Bachul and Harold Zibell in conjunction with the Blockasset team. UFF Sports has already put the call out to the artistic community, presenting freelance opportunities and envisioning contests where digital artists will submit their renderings and athletes will select their favourite version to be auctioned as a one-of-a-kind NFT — opening the door to everyone and anyone, with plenty of work to go around as the volume of NFTs scales across the sporting world.