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UFF Sports Joining Forces with AO Sports Ahead of July Launch

UFF Sports Joining Forces With AO Sports Ahead of July Launch

Nik Lewis isn’t just giving back to the game — he is revolutionizing the game. And not only football but all sports with his new venture, AO Sports. Launching this summer, with an initial coin offering on the Zilliqa blockchain, this sports media platform will feature unique and exclusive content produced by some of the biggest names in all of your favourite sports worldwide. “AO Sports will revolutionize the athlete media content creation, branding, and distribution experience,” said Lewis, who has successfully transitioned from his Hall of Fame career in the Canadian Football League into the CEO role with AO Sports. “We will deliver broadcast quality shows, documentaries, reality shows, game-day shows and more. We will offer PPVs and VIP experiences. We will have live events, including leadership bootcamps and mentorship programs. You will be able to learn skills from some of the greatest athletes from around the world,” Lewis said in revealing plans for their platform that can be envisioned as Netflix for athletes. “AO is the gateway for you to connect with a diverse group of fans and athletes.”

AOSports_Coin_1920x1080 from IKS MEDIA on Vimeo.

AO Sports has partnered with UFF Sports — Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports — prior to their launch, with several synergies and cross promotions in the works for the months and years to come. AO’s initial offering for The Athlete Coin will take place on the UFFS platform — private sale scheduled for July 30, with the public sale starting August 1 and staking to follow in the future — and The Athlete Coin will also be available in the DEX being developed by UFFS. “We are strategic partners in both the crypto space and sports world, working together to empower athletes, fans and crypto investors from the monetary and social power of sport,” said Tony Charanduk, co-founder and president of UFF Sports. “The power of giving athletes control of their content through AO Sports and their statistics and careers through UFFS will change the global sports world going forward. “We also share a commitment to rebuilding communities and their sporting programs to further strengthen the future talent that will grow our ecosystems worldwide.” Lewis echoed those sentiments and sees a lot of value in the UFFS platform, especially with the longevity through Legends simulated gameplay in addition to all the utility for the official player NFTs during their active careers. “I look forward to AO’s partnership with Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports because as an athlete, you are always concerned about your expiration date. Inside UFFS and AO, you don’t expire, you live on eternally from the work you put in today. It’s exciting to know that my kids will benefit from my hard work and my dedication to a sport,” said Lewis, who starred in the CFL for more than a decade and retired as the league’s all-time leader in receptions — setting that record in 2017. “Together, we will change the course of an athlete’s growth through the sport and transition out of the sport for ever-lasting success. “We are aligned in our objectives and we are here to make a difference.”

Memberships for AO Sports are already available on their website — ranging from one month to one year, with special pricing in the present — and will kick in with the official platform launch in August. “I’m so glad to lead this team into the new future of sports,” said Lewis, emphasizing that their platform will be fan engaging and will be further endorsed by athletes through giveaways of merchandise, game tickets, dream trips, and more. “Throughout my career, I built a special relationship with the fans. You, the fans, will love what we’re doing over here at AO Sports.”

For more information on AO Sports: Website: Register for AO Sports membership: Telegram (Official Announcements, also a VIP lounge for AO members): Athlete Coin Launch Group: Twitter: @AOSportsTV Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Email:

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