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UFF Sports Names New Director of Communications and Content

UFF Sports is pleased to announce the addition of Larry Fisher as director of communications and content for the emerging fantasy platform. Fisher comes from a media background — with more than 15 years of experience in print and digital journalism — and has been an avid fantasy sports player for over two decades. He is currently a senior writer and head scout for The Hockey Writers and also scouts the Western Hockey League for FC Hockey (Future Considerations). “Larry is well connected and well respected in the hockey world. His experience will help take UFF Sports to the next level as far as going mainstream,” said Tony Charanduk, founder and president of UFF Sports. “Hiring Larry was a no-brainer. He’s a natural fit with our brand and our goals. He’s got a great communication style and his established audience includes our target market. “I’m confident that Larry is going to become a valuable member of our team as we continue to grow and evolve. The future is bright for UFF Sports and Larry is going to play a big part in making that a reality.” UFF Sports is the world’s first ERC20 fantasy sports ecosystem, debuting by taking fantasy hockey onto the blockchain and utilizing digital currency to go global. “We wouldn’t even consider hiring a person who can’t understand our mission, but Larry has been able to grasp our core concepts from the beginning,” said Charanduk. “He knows where we want to be and he has shown that he can help get us there.” In his role with UFF Sports, Fisher will oversee and coordinate internal content creation — ranging from press releases to blog posts to podcasts. He will also handle media inquiries and assist in marketing campaigns. “I am excited to join the UFF Sports team. I believe they are going to become an industry leader in the fantasy world,” said Fisher. “I look forward to producing compelling content and helping build this platform into the next big thing. The sky is the limit for UFF Sports.” For more information on UFF Sports and how to join the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League as a franchise owner, as a scout, or even as an ambassador (fans capable of staking and supporting their favorite teams), watch the video below then create your account. And be sure to follow all the UFHL action on Twitter (@uffsports)

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