UFF Sports Partners with Sharechest (TM) Inc.

UFF Sports partners with Sharechest (TM) Inc. with the activation of the Sharechest (TM) connector to connect, capture, and capitalize investors.

With the installation of the SharechestTM Connector, UFF Sports is streamlining their corporate growth through direct investor relationship management with Sharechest's revolutionary technology.

About SharechestTM Inc.

SharechestTM Inc. provides an innovative web application solution that streamlines the discovery process for companies seeking investors. The SharechestTM Connector seamlessly integrates onto your company's existing website and acts as a magnet for investors who are interested in learning more about your company or investing in your company. Customized to meet your company's brand, the SharechestTM Connector widget provides a secure and simplified lead generation form for interested investors to actively engage and take action as they navigate through your website.

For further information about SharechestTM Inc. and becoming one of our success stories, please visit www.sharechest.io

About UFF Sports Inc.

UFF Sports is a fantasy sports platform, built on blockchain technology, that introduces true in-game ownership of franchises, players, and prospects as NFTs. UFF Sports developed an entire ecosystem of fantasy sports ownership and is growing to encompass international events of every sport in each level of play, not just the pros. With UFF Sports, you have the ability to be more than a general manager by providing digital asset ownership of players, franchises, and draft rights. Only an elite few have the rights to compete as a franchise in their respective sports.

Daily NFT fantasy is a new innovation that UFFS has brought to both the fantasy sports and the NFT spaces. Revenue from this Daily NFT fantasy platform is shared with our professional sports franchises.

For more information about UFF Sports, contact: Michelle Henry-Hayden at michelle@uffsports.com

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UFFS is the world's first fantasy sports ecosystem disrupting the way consumers play Fantasy Sports. 

We are passionate about building the best platform that will provide a superior experience to millions of sports fans worldwide.


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