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UFFS Announces Baseball’s Second Digital Athlete NFT, Kameron Loe

UFFS Announces Baseball’s Second Digital Athlete NFT, Kameron Loe

Standing in at 6 feet 8 inches tall, Kameron Loe was one of the tallest players in MLB history and now the former pitcher will have a larger-than-life Digital Athlete NFT on the Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports platform. The nine-year MLB veteran joins Ian Kinsler in the baseball NFT lineup where current, former, and future players will generate revenue through NFT sales as well as from fantasy gameplay in Ultimate Fantasy League Baseball and Legends League Baseball — a revolutionary concept that allows athletes to #NeverStopPlaying while receiving perpetual revenue from their career stats and fantasy contributions. “I’m pumped up to be involved in fantasy sports on the blockchain and joining another team. This is a huge opportunity for all ball players and I can’t wait to see more guys join the club. Whether you’re still in the game or you’ve retired, you can get involved,” said Loe, who struck out more than 350 batters in his big-league career.

Born in Simi Valley, California, big things were always expected from Loe. His grandfather was an All-American basketball player at Michigan State and Kameron was 6 feet 7 inches by the time he suited up for the Granada Hills High School baseball team in San Fernando Valley, California. While he would have been a natural on the basketball court, baseball and the Los Angeles Dodgers drew him in, and when Loe wasn’t playing in high school, he was travelling all over the place to play ball. The right-handed pitcher played four years at California State University-Northridge before the Texas Rangers selected him in the 20th round of the 2002 MLB Draft. Just over two years later, Loe made his Rangers debut and quickly became a fan favourite with Texas. His biggest fans called their section of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, ‘The Snake Pit’ as Loe was the proud owner of a 7-foot boa constrictor named Angel that he received as a gift when he was 19.

Loe spent five years in the Texas Rangers’ rotation and bullpen before heading to Japan for a season. He returned to MLB with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2010 and pitched for Seattle, Chicago, and Atlanta before retiring after the 2013 season. His devastating sinker helped Milwaukee win the National League Central Division in 2011, when they defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks in five games before falling to the eventual World Series champion, St. Louis Cardinals. “When Kameron walks into a room, everyone notices — not just because of his size but his huge smile and friendly demeanour,” said Dean Millard, Head of Baseball Operations for UFFS. “He would not be a guy I would have wanted to face on the hill, but he’s a guy I’m really happy has joined us, and it’s a great relationship initiated by Gerald Smiley (UFLB Director of Recruitment).” Since retirement, Loe has been very active in helping others and is now a board member and third Vice-President of the Association of Professional Ball Players of America, an organization formed in 1924 by a group of 12 baseball players including Babe Ruth, to assist less fortunate members of the baseball profession.

“Baseball doesn’t last forever unless you’re talking about UFLB and the Legends League. This is another great way we can help guys and their families after giving everything they had on the diamond,” Loe said. The UFLB Rulebook and an Owners Package will be released shortly, with franchise auctions scheduled for November 5-7. For more information, head to or email

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