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UFFS Raising the Stakes With Ultimate Fantasy Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the world’s most lucrative sports — generating more than $100 billion USD annually in worldwide wagering — and now the world’s first professional fantasy sports platform is ready to Run for the Roses!

Ultimate Fantasy Horse Racing (UFHR) promises to revolutionize this age-old sport through a unique and realistic fantasy experience that mirrors the racing world as closely as possible.

“Horse racing has a ton of potential as a fantasy sport beyond the betting,” said UFFS president and co-founder Tony Charanduk. “There is already a ton of money in horse racing and fantasy sports is a booming industry — the global market is projected to hit $38.6 billion USD by 2025 — so this feels like a perfect fit for our high stakes platform. It’s a fascinating sport worthy of a professional fantasy league.”

Ross Mongrue is taking the reins as Head of Racing Operations for Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports. Ross was raised in the stables and grew up around the track as the pride of Madisonville, Louisiana (population under 1,000). Racing is in his DNA and this sport values bloodlines above all others, so UFFS is sure to hit the ground running out of the gate with Mongrue’s expertise and connections. Saddle up for an exhilarating ride!

“UFHR is bringing in every aspect of the racing world — from stable owners to bloodstock agents to jockey managers, UFHR will have it all,” Mongrue boasted of his brainchild. “The goal of UFHR is to become the primary form of fantasy horse racing. Growing up around horse racing and my love for fantasy sports has helped me build what I think is the best form of fantasy horse racing.

“I am excited to see this league finally take shape. I have been trying to make this league a reality since 2017,” added Mongrue, who sold UFFS on his vision — horse racing may not have been the next sport on the list for UFFS, which launched with the traditional fantasy sports of American football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey — and showed a passion to pull it off.

A passion that was also evidenced by Mongrue’s ability to recently lead the Legion franchise to the first-ever SCO Bowl championship in the Ultimate Fantasy American Football League. And a passion that has been on display through Mongrue’s impressive graphic design and logo creations across all UFFS leagues. But UFHR will become his biggest passion project of all!

Years in the making, with the UFHR Rulebook already manifesting, it all begins with the initial Stable Owners Auction — slated for June 24-26, two weeks after the Belmont. The plan is to sell 30 stables in three tiers, followed by a four-round draft to start filling coveted stalls and then weekly sales to acquire horses of various ages as well as jockeys and trainers while competing for the Triple Crown and Triple Tiara!

Owners will nominate their prized horses for the Road to the Kentucky Derby and also look to cash in on the top-earning horses over the calendar year, while managers will be rewarded for rostering the top jockeys and trainers. Even the breeders will get their cut of the winnings for possessing the dams of successful horses, with the sires getting a cut of the sales — monetizing those bloodlines beyond retirement, just like the real world!

UFHR will be looking for a League Commissioner as well as a Bloodstock Director to assist Mongrue with overseeing this in-depth ecosystem that encompasses all the elements from the racing world and offers several ways to participate and earn payouts!

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