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UFFS Ready to Tackle World’s Largest Sport With Launch of Ultimate Fantasy Premier League

Football. Fútbol. Footie. Soccer. The beautiful game goes by many names as the world’s most popular sport, with more than 250 million aspiring players and over four billion fans worldwide.

Football, as it’ll be known on the UFFS platform (which previously launched American football), has the most potential when it comes to the vision of mirroring the real world with every sport at every level. There will be challenges too — with time zones and languages, and the sheer magnitude of this sport — but football was always going to be a key fixture on the UFFS roadmap.

The plan is to launch this summer with the Ultimate Fantasy Premier League — kicking off in August, alongside the English Premier League — and then continue to expand depending on demand, technology and manpower from around the world. The UFPL Franchise Auction is slated for May 27-29, the weekend following the EPL finale on May 22.

“Football, or soccer as we call it in North America, is the biggest sport in the world, with a total industry value of $600 billion USD, and the Premier League alone generates more than $5 billion annually,” UFFS president and co-founder Tony Charanduk said in announcing football as the platform’s next sport. “It’s incredible when you think about that global appeal and the fact superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are earning more than $100 million USD annually. …

“The fantasy side of football is just scratching the surface and we see a ton of potential for UFPL to become the professional dynasty league that the entire world follows and wants to be involved with,” Charanduk continued. “And when you think about the scouting side and how many prospects there are all around the world, that gets us really excited. Scouting is a big part of our platform, an innovative element to incorporate scouting into fantasy sports, and football will certainly take our scouting to the next level. We’ve already got over 4,500 hockey players registered on our platform, but just imagine how many footballers could be worth registering as scouts try to find that next Ronaldo or Messi? The scouting is going to be massive!”

Zack Trubow has been hired as Head of Football Operations for Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports and will be overseeing the launch of UFPL followed by football scouting in the months to come. He’ll be looking to round out his support staff with a UFPL commissioner and a scouting director, as they collaborate on the UFPL Rulebook ahead of their league’s Franchise Auction in May.

“I’m a lifelong soccer player, big Arsenal supporter, and lover of all things soccer/football,” Trubow said. “I started out falling in love with Thierry Henry and his style of play, and went through the glory days of early 2000’s Arsenal. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of being in the top flight in any major football/soccer league. …

“I love to compete mentally and physically, and am going to take that passion for competing and bring that energy to all of our football leagues to make them competitive, fun, and ever evolving. I can’t wait to get started on bringing the most immersive fantasy soccer/football experience to the masses.”

As with all UFFS leagues across every sport, the goal is to provide the most realistic and in-depth gameplay experience, so managers feel like they are running a real club. The Ultimate Fantasy Premier League will feature the same number of franchises (20) and same roster sizes (25), giving value to every EPL player. The scoring system and category weightings will also be modelled to emulate the players’ real world value as closely as possible. Franchises will have protected lists for their top prospects from academies and the League Championship level to serve as feeder systems within this dynasty format.


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