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UFFS Introduces Director of Women’s Basketball, Kevin Lewis

UFF Sports is always growing and evolving, and today we are very excited to announce Kevin Lewis as Director of Women's Basketball.

Lewis brings with him a lifetime of dedication to basketball, whether that's playing basketball as a kid, to his high school career where he was a part of both regional and state championships, to earning a walk-on roster spot during his freshman year at Clemson. The following year, he was recruited by the women's program to be a player scout and assistant to the director of basketball operations. Lewis also took to the coaching side during his college days, as he coached several different community teams to championship seasons.

Since college, Lewis has stayed in the game through independent scouting of local basketball talents in South Carolina, along with recently diving into content creation by becoming a partner with 2Sixty5 Media run by founder Daniel Artest. Together with Artest, they co-host “The WNBA Show” — highlighting coverage and analysis from the WNBA, NCAA women’s basketball and more. One of their most listened to episodes featured ESPN analyst Monica McNutt. Kevin came onto the radar of UFF Sports thanks to this podcast and using that platform to enhance the coverage and visibility of women’s basketball as a very knowledgeable and passionate person.

When asked why he has taken on this new role with UFF Sports, Lewis said: “It is a perfect opportunity for me to grow the women's game through what we can offer with UFF Sports and blockchain technology applied to women's basketball, both at the professional and collegiate level. Not only for the fans to engage in the game with their favourite players in brand new ways but also an opportunity for the players to expand the way they can market themselves and grow their presence and brand.” As for what he is looking forward to accomplishing in this role, Lewis said: “I’m excited by the opportunity to continue to grow the women's game, not only from a basketball standpoint but to expand and globalize the idea of fantasy sports, as well as allowing the athletes to engage with fans at different levels as we move into different money markets that exist here with cryptocurrency. This opportunity allows me to help tap into a market that has so much room to grow past what's offered today.”

UFF Sports also sees a ton of potential for growing the women’s game through Lewis’s connections and influence within the sport, and envisions generating revenue for female athletes by providing fantasy gameplay on the revolutionary UFFS platform in addition to NFT opportunities.

“We are so excited to bring Mr. Lewis in and set him free to connect with other great minds in the women's basketball space and work out the best plan of action to give representation and their own market in the blockchain sports ecosystem being built by UFF Sports on the Zilliqa blockchain,” said Alex Leblanc, Head of Basketball Operations for UFFS, which recently launched the Ultimate Fantasy Basketball Association (UFBA) that mirrors the NBA as closely as possible, with Rashad Phillips and Kendrick Perkins among the franchise owners in that league.

Follow Kevin on Twitter @KDot3H or connect with him on Telegram @KDotLew if you are interested in getting involved with the future of women’s basketball.

For more information on UFFS and the UFBA, visit or contact Follow @TheUFBA_ on Twitter and the gameplay on Fantrax. For those interested in basketball scouting, follow @UFBA_Scouting on Twitter.

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