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UFFS is partnering with Ready Player Me to create a UFFS portal.

UFF Sports is pleased to announce the latest in a line of strategic partnerships that will ensure that our sports NFT ecosystem is always ahead of the curve in this fast moving space.

UFFS is partnering with Ready Player Me to create a UFFS portal. This portal will be the tool used to create amazing high quality avatars of our athletes. Fans will also create their avatars here and will be ready to enter the UFFS metaverses and other virtual worlds as well.

It’s truly groundbreaking that we can create and house all of our athletes and fans in one place as avatars, ready to enter the world's first sports-based metaverses — with the ability to jump into other worlds, all from the same portal. We will launch the UFFS AVATAR PORTAL very early in 2022 and we couldn't be more excited.

Creating avatars of our athletes and introducing them early to the incredible possibilities for exposure, revenue and commerce in the digital world is an amazing complement to our current Professional Fantasy and Simulation Leagues.

This also opens up huge opportunities for our fans to create avatars or simply invest in athletes, property, stadiums, business, and so much more.

“We are excited to see UFF Sports integrating Ready Player Me into their portal and joining us on the mission of building an open and interoperable metaverse.”

– Timmu Tõke, CEO & Co-Founder of Ready Player Me.

“The opportunity to work with the Ready Player Me technology and have a custom UFFS portal will be incredibly powerful for our ecosystem and we are eager to work with their team to make even more advances in this exciting space.”

– Tony Charanduk, UFFS Founder

About Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me is a cross-game avatar platform for the metaverse. It lets you create a 3D avatar with a selfie and use it in 1000+ compatible apps and games. You can explore virtual worlds in VRChat, join meetings in Spatial, or stream to your fans using LIV – all with your personal avatar that represents you in virtual worlds. Any developer can integrate Ready Player Me into their apps and games using our free avatar SDK. It's compatible with Unity and Unreal Engine and works great on the web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Learn more at

About UFFS

UFF Sports is a sports-based NFT ecosystem that is bringing the entire sports world to the digital realm. The vision is every sport at every level from prospects, minor leagues, professionals, and even retired legends. Our ecosystem will empower athletes and their fans by leveraging digital careers in the UFFS global sports ecosystem. For the first time ever, athletes will be able to earn revenue from fantasy gameplay, with Score Coin (SCO) as the official currency of the UFFS platform. Learn more at

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