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UFFS Names Craig Ballard Head of Baseball as Dean Millard Steps Down for Health Reasons

Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports has named Craig Ballard the new Head of Baseball and regrets to announce Dean Millard is stepping down to concentrate on his health.

Ballard was part of the Wheat Sox franchise but will leave the organization to take on his new role. From Toronto, he’s a huge baseball and specifically a Blue Jays fan and looks forward to his new position.

“I have a passion for creating Edutaining Content (Edutaining = Educational and Entertaining!) and look forward to doing so for all of our amazing UFLB franchises,” said Ballard. “To have my passion and knowledge of baseball get married to the best Fantasy Baseball League on Planet Earth is amazing for me!”

Millard joined the platform as an owner of Duckman’s Domination in the UFHL and was named Head of Baseball for UFFS when the sport was announced. He will stay within UFFS and eventually move to a content production role in helping to grow the platform and all the brands and franchises within it.

“Having the conversation with Tony (UFFS president and co-founder Tony Charanduk) was a tough one, but I had to be honest with him about some of the challenges I’m facing and true to form he was kind, understanding and considerate,” said a dejected Millard.

“This job is a huge responsibility and the potential for baseball on the UFFS platform is enormous, but it takes the type of focus I simply don’t have right now as that attention needs to go to my health.”

Millard will take some time off and he will then shift into a full-time media role. As for Ballard he can’t wait to pick up where Millard left off.

“One way I want to hit the ground running is by creating Content for the UFLB, and as well I am already excited to do live game watching on our Twitch Channel,” said an excited Ballard.

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