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UFFS Partner FanCentric Launching Revolutionary Platform, Turning Fans Into Potential Owners

UFF Sports partner FanCentric is excited to announce the first sports fan decentralized community. FanCentric is a subscription-based decentralized ecosystem that will provide fans with access to tools that help them transition into accredited investors. An opportunity to become authorized financial backers and fractional owners of the teams they so enthusiastically support. An estimated 400 million fans worldwide are interested in American football outside of other sports (with soccer boasting 3 billion fans) and are dynamic supporters in their communities and share loyalty to their teams.

Powered by blockchain technology and utilizing the Zilliqa network through a newly cemented partnership with UFF Sports — Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports — the functionality of this concept is enhanced by the transparent record of fan ownership. All assets associated with this ecosystem help bridge the gap between being a mere fan and being a fractional owner of a franchise or league in our DeFi community. This ecosystem also offers the potential for leaving an inheritance. The FanCentric Community Ecosystem Token (FCET) is secured by this technology, coupled with the UFFS strategic partnership in both the crypto space and sports world. Together, we empower athletes, fans, and crypto investors through sports economics and social power. The FanCentric platform will be launching in September, with several synergies and cross-promotions in the works for years to come with UFF Sports.

FanCentric’s initial offering for the FanCentric Token (FCET) will occur on the UFFS platform — private sale scheduled for September 1, 2021, with the public sale starting September 2, 2021 and staking to follow in the future — and the FanCentric Token (FCET) will also be available in the DEX being developed by UFFS. “In the NFL, teams can go 0-17 or 17-0 and still be profitable. We, the fans, can make or break an organization if we understand the power of our dollar.” ABOUT FANCENTRIC FanCentric is a sports fan subscription community that gives fans the ability to access educational tools that will allow them to have fractional ownership in the same teams they cheer for through decentralized blockchain technology. These teams will have a range from major professional sports organizations down to semi-professional organizations across the globe. Additionally, members will have access to financial literacy products, digital currency and accredited investor curriculums, sports/athlete management, and other essential programs that will help bridge the gap between being a mere fan to becoming a fractional owner of a franchise or league in our tokenized FanCentric ecosystems. For more information on FanCentric: Website: Coming Soon Telegram: Instagram:

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