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UFFS State of the Union - April 2022

UFFS Community,

Hello again everyone, I am excited to update the community with the latest developments in the UFFS world. We have many irons in the fire and our incredible team is hard at work every week, strengthening our ecosystem.


Let’s start with a very exciting new partnership that is taking our media division, The Ultimate Fantasy Sports Network, to a whole new level. UFFS is now working closely with Twitch. We are moving all of our podcasts, live events and our AFLL broadcasts to this MAJOR streaming platform. Twitch brings a new, interactive experience to our community and we plan to leverage these tools to their full potential.

With Twitch acquiring the NFL’s Thursday night football broadcast, they have an initiative to bring fantasy sports fans to their platform and we plan to be the flagship channel. In doing so, we will solidify our fantasy leagues as each sport’s true professional fantasy league. We will also be adding many new shows and watch-alongs with our media team, franchise owners, and our digital athletes. So please follow our channel and get to know all our fantastic hosts and participate in the new interactions that we will be offering.

Sports Swap

As I am writing this update, the Team tokens are being distributed to all UFFS franchises. We have a few bugs to work on with the Swap and the team token structure. We expect to see this swap functional in Q2 2022.

We are currently pursuing more corporate ownership of franchises to join the likes of Circa Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Team tokens can be a very valuable tool for these businesses to reward their clients.


Things are moving quickly on the metaverse front, there will be a landing page reveal of the Sports and Entertainment Metaverse being developed by Maximus Technologies ( This new metaverse will be named by early adopters. The first assets will be for sale in Q2, there will be presale options via our up and coming NFT program launches. We will outline these below.

Our entry into the metaverse will bring our franchise owners and the entire UFFS community many exciting opportunities.

Ultimate Sports NFTs

The NFT space is always changing and evolving and we have adapted to these changes. We are pleased to announce our NFT roadmap with these new innovations. Take a look and stay tuned for all the big drops happening in Q2 and beyond.