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UFFS State of the Union - April 2022

UFFS Community,

Hello again everyone, I am excited to update the community with the latest developments in the UFFS world. We have many irons in the fire and our incredible team is hard at work every week, strengthening our ecosystem.


Let’s start with a very exciting new partnership that is taking our media division, The Ultimate Fantasy Sports Network, to a whole new level. UFFS is now working closely with Twitch. We are moving all of our podcasts, live events and our AFLL broadcasts to this MAJOR streaming platform. Twitch brings a new, interactive experience to our community and we plan to leverage these tools to their full potential.

With Twitch acquiring the NFL’s Thursday night football broadcast, they have an initiative to bring fantasy sports fans to their platform and we plan to be the flagship channel. In doing so, we will solidify our fantasy leagues as each sport’s true professional fantasy league. We will also be adding many new shows and watch-alongs with our media team, franchise owners, and our digital athletes. So please follow our channel and get to know all our fantastic hosts and participate in the new interactions that we will be offering.

Sports Swap

As I am writing this update, the Team tokens are being distributed to all UFFS franchises. We have a few bugs to work on with the Swap and the team token structure. We expect to see this swap functional in Q2 2022.

We are currently pursuing more corporate ownership of franchises to join the likes of Circa Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Team tokens can be a very valuable tool for these businesses to reward their clients.


Things are moving quickly on the metaverse front, there will be a landing page reveal of the Sports and Entertainment Metaverse being developed by Maximus Technologies ( This new metaverse will be named by early adopters. The first assets will be for sale in Q2, there will be presale options via our up and coming NFT program launches. We will outline these below.

Our entry into the metaverse will bring our franchise owners and the entire UFFS community many exciting opportunities.

Ultimate Sports NFTs

The NFT space is always changing and evolving and we have adapted to these changes. We are pleased to announce our NFT roadmap with these new innovations. Take a look and stay tuned for all the big drops happening in Q2 and beyond.

UFFS Marketing

Now that many key pieces of our foundation are built, we are ready to take our brand and marketing to the next level. We are in the final stages of hiring a professional marketing agency that will work with our current team grow our community and increase awareness of our innovative ecosystem globally.

We will also be adding a weekly AMA session on the UFFSports twitter channel via a twitter space every Monday at 8est. As these AMA’s evolve we are also planning to launch a twitch show dedicated to UFFS updates and education.

CUDOS $SCO token launch

As CUDOS puts the final touches on their mainnet launch, we are working diligently with their new launchpad to prepare for the $SCO token to be available on the CUDOS blockchain. More details will be available later this month on the launch specifics. We are also exploring the possibility of having $SCO available on a third chain, we will update everyone on this as things develop.

UFFS American Football

College Football

The final piece to the UFF Sports American Football ecosystem is ready to roll out with the Ultimate College Fantasy Football League, or UCFFL!

24-franchises will be auctioned off April 26–29, 2022. The final hour of the auction will feature a live show on Twitch ( from the Circa in Las Vegas!

The UCFFL will deliver the most complete college fantasy football dynasty experience for owners. Scouts now have an opportunity to own a team, and also a new way to earn revenue through player leasing within the league.

Minimum starting bids are only $500, which makes for an affordable way to enter the ownership realm in professional fantasy sports. Just visit and register to bid on the front page of the site.

Follow us on Twitter @TheUCFFL

Las Vegas NFL Draft Party Package!

Speaking of Las Vegas, how would you like to attend VIP events and parties centered around the NFL Draft in Vegas?! Our partners at Circa have provided us VIP access to the legendary party hub of Stadium Swim to watch the Draft on April 28th, as well as attend an invite-only after-party at the iconic Legacy Club!

Drinks, food, and the hottest party in Vegas! Packages to purchase are extremely limited so email or book on the front page at ASAP!

American Football Legends League

As we pass the halfway point of the AFLL season the response we’ve received from viewers, owners and fans has been incredible! Watching NFL legends battle head-to-head in dream matchups each week amongst 16-teams has been a lot of fun and we still have a whole lot of season to go.

The AFLL is very excited to announce that we will be moving our game coverage to Twitch effective immediately! will give viewers a chance to be more interactive through live commenting, watch-alongs, and overall engagement.

Stay up to date with all of the legends player stats, team standings, scores, game recaps, and schedule at On Twitter @TheUCFFL and Instagram @theufafl

UFFS Basketball

UFBA Franchise auction

It’s been a busy month for the basketball side of things on the UFF Sports platform — Futures Auctions, the launch of the Open Market, a new league being created and sold, and the arrival of the Ultimate Fantasy Basketball Association playoffs!

In the month of March, one of the largest yet-to-debut features of the UFBA finally got off the ground: the advent of scouting!

Anyone with an account at was invited to register as a scout and join in on the Futures Auction, where 115 future basketball prospects were snapped up by 11 scouts for a grand total of $11,440 USD. Afterwards, the Open Market was launched as well, where any college/international player not purchased at the Futures Auction could be bought for just $20 USD worth of SCO — within 48 hours, over 100 players had been registered on