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UFFS State of the Union Update - February 2022

UFFS Community,

We hope everyone is having a great 2022. This UFFS update is overdue, but we have exciting updates for everyone. There are many moving parts in our ecosystem and many hard-working people dedicated to making each aspect of UFFS outstanding. So, first a big shout-out to our entire team!

The blockchain space moves fast and we are doing our best to keep pace, bringing on strong partners is one of the ways we are doing so. So far this year, we have partnered with CUDOS, Ready Player Me, and Locker Token. These partnerships bring added technology and expertise that will strengthen the UFFS ecosystem.

Our partnerships with CUDOS and Ready Player Me give us a strong base to enter the metaverse space. We are currently finalizing the details of a Sports Metaverse build and more information will be released in the coming weeks. The play-to-earn and investment opportunities that this sports metaverse will bring are massive and will take our entire fantasy project to a new level.

Phase 1 of the Metaverse is projected for summer of 2022, with a more robust product slated for January of 2023. We will be offering pre-launch assets for sale this spring to qualified early buyers. More details on how to qualify in the sections below.

We announced that Chip-In, our sports charity and fundraising partner, will be using SCO as its main crypto currency. Together with their team, we are building the tech required to use SCO within their platform. This provides further utility for SCO, but most importantly it gives the crypto space an easy way to give back to sports-related charities and families in need.

Ultimate Sports NFTs

Our NFT marketplace is now live and functioning beautifully. We have many player NFTs dropped already, with more coming every week. The resale market is now open. It’s now time to buy and sell your favorite collectibles.

Athlete Shares will be on the marketplace in the coming months. These shares are a unique NFT opportunity that gives you the chance to invest in your favorite athlete and get a closer connection.