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UFGA Introduces Commissioner, Announces New Dates for Franchise Auction

The Ultimate Fantasy Golf Association will be teeing off this year, with a new commissioner overseeing all the action in this revolutionary dynasty league on the UFFS platform.

Mark Staniusz, a broadcast associate for Sportsnet who lives in the Toronto area with his wife and two sons, is taking on the role of UFGA commissioner and is eager to help launch the league in the months to come.

“The current fantasy golf offerings are fairly unknown. The UFGA is an opportunity to not only create the most authentic representation of fantasy golf, but to be a trailblazer in an untapped fantasy community,” said Staniusz, who will get right to work on reviewing the UFGA Rulebook and recruiting potential owners for the upcoming franchise auction.

Stefan Hoffman, the Head of Golf Operations for UFF Sports, has an update on those auction dates and launch plans but was pleased to introduce Staniusz as his right-hand man heading up the UFGA gameplay.

“We are very excited to have Mark on board as commissioner of the UFGA. Mark’s industry experience combined with his passion for fantasy sports made him the ideal candidate,” said Hoffman. “His attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of golf will be a huge asset to the success of the league.”

As golf enthusiasts focused on creating a special experience for fellow fanatics, Hoffman and Staniusz were facing a tight timeline with the UFGA Franchise Auction scheduled for March 10-13 during THE PLAYERS Championship, followed by a shortened season commencing at The Masters, April 7-10.

Weighing the pros and cons, they felt UFGA would be worth the wait to launch with a full season starting in September, alongside the PGA Tour schedule for 2022-23.

“After much discussion, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the franchise auction until later this spring. This decision was not made lightly, but we felt it’s in the best interest of the league and the future franchise owners,” said Hoffman, adding this postponement will also be beneficial for his new commissioner. “I want to give Mark time to give his input on the UFGA Rulebook and fine-tune the gameplay. This will also allow franchise owners time to study the rulebook, analyze players/prospects, and develop professional branding, which in turn will improve the quality of every franchise and create a better league.”

The new dates for the UFGA Franchise Auction are June 9-12, coinciding with the RBC Canadian Open — the weekend before the U.S. Open and Father’s Day. What better gift for dad than sharing a professional fantasy golf franchise!

The UFGA Draft will take place in August, when franchises will select golfers to fill their active rosters, with that draft order based on the franchise auction results — the higher the winning bid, the higher the pick in every round!

There will also be a Top Prospects Auction for franchises to invest in their protected lists — featuring the next wave of talent for the PGA Tour, including the projected top rookies for the 2022-23 campaign — as well as a Futures Auction for scouts to acquire the sport’s future stars from the Korn Ferry Tour to the college ranks and all around the world. That will be followed by the Open Market, where the best of the rest from the Futures Auction within a specified age range and all available free agents can be registered by scouts for a flat rate of $20 USD worth of SCO prior to and throughout the inaugural UFGA season.

The number of franchises, along with the size of rosters and protected lists, are still being finalized but the goal will be to give every golfer on the PGA Tour value within the UFGA — mirroring the real world 1:1 through scarcity and exclusivity on the Zilliqa blockchain.

“People skeptical of the NFT space often ask the question, ‘but what does an NFT actually do?’ UFFS offers a simple answer: They can win you your fantasy league!” said Staniusz, who understands the importance of generating fan engagement and mass adoption for the UFFS vision to become a reality. “Everyone is familiar with the cliche that ‘no one cares about your fantasy team’, but the UFFS platform tears down that idea entirely.”

Golf is rising in popularity again and that also bodes well for a successful launch of the UFGA this summer.

“Golf has grown so much over the past couple of years in part because of the global pandemic. People used it as an outlet to exercise and socialize outdoors, and quickly fell in love with the game,” said Staniusz. “Golf is unique in that the athletes transcend regional loyalties. These players are global superstars, and they can perform at their prime for longer than most team-sport athletes can. Phil Mickelson just won a major at age 50!

“UFGA offers prospective owners the chance to own legends like Phil, or use their expertise and find the next Mickelson who can win for you for decades to come. The value of these digital assets speak for themselves.”


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