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UFHL Playoff Preview: Division Finals Feature Budding Rivals in Second Round

The first round of the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League playoffs is in the books, with all four top seeds advancing in their pursuit of the Klein Cup.

There were only two upsets in the first round — only two lower seeds advancing — and those were hardly upsets, considering the eight quarterfinalists were all top-10 franchises in the regular season. And both those upsets were barnburners that came down to the final day of the first round.

That sets up a stellar second round, with budding rivals facing off in the division finals.

First Round Results

Gretzky Division

1) Red Army defeated 4) Stallions 284.6-131.15

2) Grizzlies defeated 3) Battlehawks 278.3-175.1

Lemieux Division

1) Ice Vikings defeated 4) Blades of Steel 235.8-205.7

3) Stingrays defeated 2) Yetis 264.75-252.3

Orr Division

1) Titans defeated 4) Strong Island 297.65-241.55

2) Rock Republic defeated 3) Brutes 308.9-279.2

Howe Division

1) Outlaws defeated 4) West Coast Express 257.7-184.4

3) Gators defeated 2) Royals 256.75-247.

Second Round Matchups

Gretzky Division Final

1) Red Army vs. 2) Grizzlies

Lemieux Division Final

1) Ice Vikings vs. 3) Stingrays

Orr Division Final

1) Titans vs. 2) Rock Republic

Howe Division Final

1) Outlaws vs. 3) Gators

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