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UFHL’s Elite Assassins Sold, Staying in the Family

UFHL’s Elite Assassins Sold, Staying in the Family

The Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League has another franchise sale to report, with Elaine Harrison of Vernon, British Columbia, purchasing the Elite Assassins for $2,000 CAD ($1,535 USD) from Jason Hofer, who is in the process of moving back to his Saskatchewan roots from Edmonton, Alberta. That move prompted the sale for Hofer, who had been a passionate supporter of the UFF Sports platform from the outset. Hofer also graciously contributed his remaining balance of Score Coin (SCO in-game token) to the Elite Assassins’ future as part of the $2K sale, which has emerged as the going rate for UFHL franchises with the Power Players and Monarchs also recently selling in that price range. “I have purchased the Elite Assassins from a truly great person Jason Hofer. Jason was wonderful during the whole process,” said Elaine, who immediately earned a nickname within the UFFS/UFHL community — Elite Elaine.

The Elite Assassins and Hofer were not foreign to Elaine. Her husband Tim (Harrison) Millar had previously partnered with Hofer, serving as the Elite Assassins’ affiliated scout and assistant general manager. Tim will be remaining in those roles and they will also be retaining Xavier Smith as general manager for the Elite Assassins. “Xavier has done a wonderful job as GM and I would hate to lose him,” Elaine said. “I do not have a hockey background personally, but I am married to a man with an extensive hockey background. My husband Tim Millar, who is known as Harrison in the online community and runs his own prospect service, will be my scout and go-to guy in this venture.” Indeed, Tim will continue to operate Rubyiss Scouting Agency, which has amassed arguably the best stable of Future prospects for the UFHL with the likes of Owen Power, Brandt Clarke, Aatu Raty, Zachary L’Heureux and Luke Hughes for 2021, Brad Lambert and Maddox Fleming for 2022, Connor Bedard, Matvei Michkov and Brayden Yager for 2023 among more than 50 total prospects.

As for Elaine’s hockey journey as Tim’s constant companion, she was kind enough to share several of her experiences that paved the way for this opportunity as a franchise owner in the UFHL: “I used to go to all the Edmonton Oilers training camps with my husband. We were in Kelowna in 2012 for the NHL top prospects event at Prospera Place (which hosted the CHL Top Prospects Game and Skills Competition that year). It was such an awesome event to be part of. “I ran into Allan Walsh of Octagon Hockey and Rick Valette, who runs his own NHL agency and has Ryan Nugent-Hopkins as a client. I had no clue who I was talking to. Sat down beside them uninvited and had quite a chat with them. Got my picture taken with them and probably embarrassed Harrison in the process. We had such a great time, they were both very cordial. “After the game, I ran into Mark Recchi and he let me wear his Stanley Cup ring that he earned with the Boston Bruins. After talking to Mr. Recchi, my husband approached an older gentleman who I also didn’t know. We started talking to him and my husband informed me I was talking to the (late) great Jim Gregory. I asked Jim a bunch of questions and one of the questions was ‘how do women get into this manly sport?’ “Jim told me the only way for a woman to get into this sport is to purchase a team. Today I accomplished the feat. I am now the proud owner of the Elite Assassins of the UFHL — a platform never seen before and the start of something special.”

The Vengeance and Dynasty franchises are also presently for sale and the UFHL will be welcoming a 32nd franchise in 2021 — mirroring the Seattle expansion process in the NHL. That franchise auction will likely start in January and end in March on the same date that Seattle makes its final payment to officially join the NHL. The UFHL’s expansion draft will also take place on the same date as the NHL under the same rules, so that franchise promises to be in high demand with the newest owner getting the full expansion experience. In the meantime, once UFF Sports and the UFHL transition to the Zilliqa blockchain this winter, the existing 31 franchises will all technically be for sale at all times. The current owners will be able to list their franchise for a set price on the sale block but outsiders will also be able to submit offers in the form of bids on any franchise at any time. Turnover will be inevitable in the early years as this platform evolves into a leader in the fantasy industry for its unique appeal of digital asset ownership on the blockchain.