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UFHL’s Snipers Sold to Leblanc Family for $35K USD

Alex Leblanc has accomplished his goal of owning a franchise in the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League. That dream of becoming a UFHL franchise owner is now a reality.

With the investment backing of his family, Leblanc has successfully purchased the Snipers from Juha Soudunsaari for $35K USD — which amounted to 41,176 SCO when the sale was finalized on May 10.

“We are overwhelmed with joy to come to terms with Juha to acquire the Snipers’ organization in the UFHL. This has been the craziest time of my life — finding UFF Sports and the UFHL, and to now be in a position to buy the Snipers with my family, it all feels surreal,” said Leblanc, who joined the UFHL in January as a general manager for the Battlehawks franchise and continued his pursuit of ownership with the support of his father and other family members.

“The Snipers will be a family-owned organization and I can’t wait to talk trades and prospects and all things fantasy sports by the campfire this summer with them,” added Alex, who will serve as GM with an assistant already appointed. “We are also excited to announce Marcus Borkowsky as AGM (assistant GM) — he is excited to get a start in a professional capacity in the UFHL. We are so happy to be here and can’t wait to get down and dirty, battling it out in the standings next season with the Snipers.”

This franchise sale within the UFHL follows last week’s record-breaking sale of the Blizzard to U.S.-based crypto investor David Ade (aka ShowTime) for more than $50K USD.

For Soudunsaari, selling the Snipers has been bittersweet despite the financial windfall — he only paid $100 USD as an original owner in January 2020 and sold for $35K USD thanks to the soaring valuations of UFHL franchises over the past year. Still, Soudunsaari is experiencing mixed emotions.

“I never thought I’d end up selling the Snipers this season, but Alex made a very good offer. We negotiated for a few days back and forth and I saw how Alex wanted the franchise,” said Soudunsaari, who also wants to stay involved in the UFHL. “Selling the Snipers wasn’t easy for me. I’m not leaving the UFHL. Right now, I’m looking for a little share (approximately 10%) of a UFHL franchise and hope to stay as an owner that way. I’m ready to listen to offers and do whatever I can to stay in hockey. I couldn’t leave my favourite sport in UFFS. Future is bright and I don’t want to miss it.”

Soudunsaari, who hails from Finland and was the UFHL’s first franchise owner outside North America, is also exploring opportunities in other sports that have been announced but have yet to launch on the UFFS platform. Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports plans to offer at least six sports by the end of 2021.

“Right now, I’m looking to buy UFFS franchises because I want to stay in this fantastic community and ecosystem,” said Soudunsaari. “I’ll never leave UFFS. It’s like a family to me and I’m researching new UFFS sports now.”

Leblanc will transition from the Battlehawks to the Snipers following this week’s UFHL Playoff Draft. The Battlehawks have clinched a playoff spot as the third seed in the Gretzky Division and will face the second-seeded Grizzlies in the first round, while the Snipers are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention in the Orr Division — sitting sixth among eight franchises.

“I’d like to thank Serge for my time with the Battlehawks. I don’t know if I end up here — buying the Snipers — without getting this GM role with the Battlehawks and being completely hooked on the platform and the league,” said Leblanc, who also scouted for the Battlehawks but won’t be able to continue in that capacity now that he is a franchise owner. His assistant, Borkowsky, will likely assume ownership of the 20 prospects that Leblanc registered as a scout.

Leblanc will be missed by the Battlehawks, with franchise owner Serge Beauchesne praising his efforts.

“He brought a lot to the Battlehawks! The Battlehawks went from 26th to 10th spot in a couple of months under Alex’s management,” boasted Beauchesne. “With his work ethic, integrity, attention to detail and knowledge/passion of fantasy sports, he’ll do extremely well. The Snipers are in good hands.”

As for the Battlehawks, they will be in new hands for next season. “I’ll be looking for a new GM immediately,” confirmed Beauchesne, who is already searching for Leblanc’s successor. “But I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alex again for being the GM of the Battlehawks.

“Congratulations Alex on your purchase of the Snipers! I’m happy for you and your family.”

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