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UFLB Announces Details on Upcoming Auction Season for Franchises & Scouts

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The offseason is a time in all sports to start fresh and try to build a championship contender with every organization starting from the same spot. In Ultimate Fantasy League Baseball, Auction Season will begin the construction phase for both franchises and scouts as they start filling their rosters and agencies with future stars.

The Top Prospects Auction will kick things off on February 19, when the best players in MLB organizations who have yet to play an MLB game will be available to the highest bidders between franchises and scouts. UFLB franchises can fill up to 14 of their protected list spots, while scouts have no limits on the number of players they can bid on and win in the auction. Each player can be bid on by any eligible bidder in this free market auction that pumps up the prize pool — $25 USD worth of Score Coin (SCO) from each prospect goes towards league development, with the remainder going towards the UFLB prize pool — but franchises and scouts are not required to participate.

The Top Prospects Auction will see a total of 145 players available over the course of a week, with 20 prospects per day (25 on the final day) from February 19-25, 2022.

“Auction Season is going to be a blast and a blur,” said Dean Millard, Head of Baseball Operations for UFF Sports. “This is where some, but not all, franchises will really start building their foundation, but don’t forget they’re not only bidding against 29 other franchises but a massive number of scouts potentially as well. I know our scouting director Bryan Hernandez has been like a kid in a candy store putting the lists together.”

Hernandez, like someone else who provides joy to boys and girls, is also making lists but checking them many more times than twice! He’s been hard at work to make sure each day of the auction will feature potential superstars — also ensuring those stars are spread out over the seven-day extravaganza.

“I believe a lot of guys will transition from the minors into the Majors as teams looks to finally cash in on their top prospects,” said Hernandez, suggesting UFLB franchises could receive an instant return on their investments. “I expect names like Bobby Witt Jr. and Triston Casas to join the league this year and have immediate impacts.”

Scouts will get a breather while franchises draft their 26-player active rosters in the one-and-only UFLB Veteran Player Draft on March 5-6, before scouts take centre stage for the Futures Auction and the International Free Agent Auctions starting March 26.

In the Futures Auction, a total of 180 players from the 2022, 2023 and 2024 draft classes will be auctioned in another week-long event, with 25 prospects available per day (30 on the final day) from March 26 to April 1.

“The talent pool for the Futures Auction is plentiful,” said Hernandez. “These are some the top players according to MLB and Perfect Game, so I believe these players are future All-Stars and captains to the league.”

Hernandez isn’t concerned that the Futures Auction will leave the cupboards bare for those scouts who prefer to work the Open Market, with the ability to list players on a first-come, first-serve basis for just $20 USD worth SCO.