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UFLB Introduces Director of Recruitment Gerald Smiley

UFLB Introduces Director of Recruitment Gerald Smiley

Connecting fantasy game play to the blockchain is one of the most revolutionary things to ever happen and when you bring in real world athletes to be a part of the ecosystem it takes things to an even higher level. Ultimate Fantasy League Baseball is going to the bullpen to bring in right hander Gerald Smiley to be the closer as Director of Recruitment. Ultimate Fantasy League Baseball is professional fantasy sports with Digital Athlete NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) participating in fantasy game play using their actual stats and getting rewarded financially. To pull this off you need a connection to the players and already Director of Competition Matt Soren has done that with former teammate Ian Kinsler. Now Smiley, who was a 2001 draft pick of the Texas Rangers and was also a former teammate of Ian Kinsler as they made their way through the Rangers organization, will take UFLB to new heights when it comes to athlete connection who could also end up being franchise owners after the November 5-7 auctions.

After the Rangers selected Smiley in the 9th round, he pitched 5 years professionally before injuries took his career down a different path. He then went on to coach college baseball and scouted for various MLB teams. Today, Smiley serves on several boards, is the owner of Big League Prep and Founder & CEO at “I’m beyond excited about this league. For one it’s a no brainer. Where else do you get paid for your stats and all your hard work on the field whether you’re a current player or retired” said Smiley referring to the connection between UFFS and real-world athletes who can be rewarded financially from the sale of their Digital Athlete NFT as well as what their stats produce in fantasy game play. Bringing athletes on board is something the team has been working diligently on behind the scenes as well as compiling a list of potential owners for the franchise auctions, and scouts to fill future UFLB rosters.

“It’s exciting to have Gerald join the team and bring with him his ideas, connections and experience when it comes to the game of baseball” said Dean Millard, Head of Baseball Operations for UFFS and UFLB Commissioner. “We have big plans for this league and those plans need a strong foundation, Gerald adds to the existing one that includes Matt, Bryan Hernandez (UFLB Director of Scouting), and me.” Ultimate Fantasy League Baseball will not only be the most realistic fantasy game play ever, giving franchise owners a whole new level to work with, but it’s also a game changer when it comes to what it will do for the athletes both current and retired, who #NeverStopPlaying on the UFFS platform. “Even more so for us retired guys. Earn income while sitting on the couch, our careers come back to life and our families gets paid even when we die. This is history in the making and an industry disrupter. UFFS is changing the playing field and we’re taking back ownership as athletes and UFFS gives us that platform” said an excited Smiley who recently connected UFFS with 9-year MLB pitcher Kameron Loe. “Wait until the video game comes out #GameOver.” Smiley is referring to how Legends League Baseball will take place, on a still to be developed video game platform, using the best retired players from all of MLB’s history who will be auctioned off to Legends League franchises. Legends League Baseball will be launched in the not so distant future. As for UFLB franchise auctions, they take place November 5-7, all bidders must pre-register. Email infouflb@gmail.comto register or to get more details. The Rulebook can be found here. For more information head to

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