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UFLB names Conferences after iconic baseball broadcasters

Ultimate Fantasy League Baseball has announced the names of its two conferences that will represent the American and National Leagues when play in the UFLB begins next April, and their names — and voices — will be familiar to baseball fans young and old.

The Vin Scully Conference will represent the National League and the Harry Caray Conference will represent the American League, with the division names process to be announced later.

Vin Scully became the voice of the Dodgers when they were still in Brooklyn in 1950 and called his last game for the team 67 years later in Los Angeles. One of the most familiar voices in the sport, Scully wove play-by-play with storytelling better than anyone. His time with the Dodgers is the longest tenure with a single franchise for a broadcaster in all professional sports. Scully was the splendid voice behind three World Series championships as well in 1984, 1986 and 1988. Two of which produced iconic moments and calls by Scully with Bill Bucker’s error in 1986 and Kirk Gibson’s game-winning home run in 1988.

The late Harry Caray was the colourful play-by-play voice of five Major League Baseball teams — most notably with the Chicago Cubs for the last 16 years of his career. He started out calling Cardinal games in 1945 and held the mic in his hometown of St. Louis for 25 years. After one season behind the mic for the Oakland A’s, Caray returned to the Midwest and joined the Chicago White Sox where he became a fan favourite during his 10-year stint. Caray then joined the Cubs in 1982 and called their games until he was 82 years old.

“Vin Scully is part of the reason I became a Dodger fan,” said Dean Millard, Head of Baseball Operations for Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports. “His call of the Kirk Gibson home run in 1988 had me hooked on the Dodgers but more so hooked on his call. It was like my grandpa telling me a story about the greatest baseball team.

“As for Harry Caray, well you don’t end up in a SNL skit for no reason. He broadcast games shirtless in the bleachers in Chicago and if you listen to him as a Cubs announcer when they made the playoffs, you can hear how much it meant to him. Also, if you haven’t heard him sing ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ in the seventh-inning stretch at Wrigley, you need to jump on YouTube right away!”

More details on player and franchise auctions will be released shortly, with UFLB planning to mirror as much as possible about Major League Baseball to offer the most realistic and in-depth fantasy baseball experience. This is professional fantasy sports on the blockchain, utilizing NFTs through dynasty league gameplay. To express interest, email

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