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UFLB Reveals Prospect Lists for Inaugural Futures Auction and International Free Agent Auction

After months of research, compiling and reducing many lists, UFLB Director of Scouting Bryan Hernandez has settled on a final number of players for the upcoming Futures Auction and International Free Agent Auction. That’s great news for the baseball scouting world, as it means UFFS scouts can now start creating their own rankings in preparation for those inaugural events.

Hernandez is coming off a very successful Top Prospects Auction for Ultimate Fantasy League Baseball (UFLB), which saw 142 spots auctioned off — with the right to select a player — for more than $146,000 USD worth of SCORE Coin (SCO).

“Honestly, I felt the Futures was easier to put together than the Top Prospects list,” said Hernandez, who is the mad scientist overseeing all the spreadsheets that provide the player pools for scouts. “I knew who I wanted in the Futures already.”

However, the International Free Agent list was a different story for UFLB’s prospect guru.

“It was because IFA players are some of the hardest players to research. I knew the names but everyone except one name had me going into deep research,” admitted Hernandez.

Hernandez has been working his crystal ball overtime as of late, trying to project which players will become UFLB stars and who will be left for the Open Market — slated to start on April 1 following the Futures Auction and International Free Agent Auction, which will run from March 25-28. On the Open Market, scouts will be able to register players first come, first serve for the flat rate of $20 USD worth of SCO. Finders keepers!

“I thought Bryan put on an excellent Top Prospects Auction and I am expecting an even better four days with these next two events,” said Dean Millard, Head of Baseball for UFF Sports and co-commissioner for UFLB. “I remember how exciting the Futures Auction was in the UFHL (hockey), where I own a franchise and have an affiliation with High Level Scouting, and this auction can set up a scouting agency and/or affiliated franchise really well, if they have the knowledge and the SCO!”

The plan is to auction off 60 spots per day in the Futures Auction over three days, with scouts selecting from Hernandez’s list that features plenty of potential stars!

“The usual suspects. Druw Jones, Termarr Johnson and Jace Jung from 2022, Dylan Cupp and Dylan Crews from 2023, and Derek Curiel and Chase Mobley from 2024,” rattled off Hernandez in highlighting some of his favourite players from the three upcoming draft classes.

The IFA Auction will have 50 spots, with scouts again picking from Hernandez’s list of players from Latin America.

The Futures Auction will give some scouts a quick return on their investment, as their prospects could be selected in the MLB Draft and UFLB Entry Auction this summer.

“It’s gonna be exciting because I’ve been following these names for a while. So finally seeing them close to making impacts on the Major League level is kind of nerve-racking,” chuckled Hernandez.

To become a scout, register at and pay the one-time fee of $25 USD worth of SCO to be eligible for both auctions and the upcoming Open Market. Once registered, a scout can acquire players in all sports, including American football, basketball and ice hockey, with golf, football/soccer, and horse racing coming soon.

Follow these easy steps to register as a scout and list players on the open market in all sports that UFFS offers on the platform.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for anyone who loves prospects in all sports. Where else can you test your scouting knowledge and build your resume?” asked Millard. “We have some really impressive scouts on the platform already, and I can’t wait to see what big names show up in UFLB.”

This is the one and only year where Hernandez will provide the player pool for scouts. Starting next year, scouts will need to do their own research and prepare their rankings prior to bidding on spots and selecting their preferred prospects within the eligibility range. Exciting times ahead!

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International Free Agent Auction

RoderickArias SS Yankees

Cristhian Vaquero OF Nationals

Ricardo Cabrera SS Reds

William Bergolla SS Phillies

Oscar Colas OF White Sox

Anthony Gutierrez CF Rangers

Samuel Munoz 1B Dodgers

Lazaro Montes OF Mariners

Ryan Reckley SS Giants

Diego Benitez SS Braves

Tony Blanco OF Pirates

Yordany De Los Santos SS Pirates

Javier Osorio SS Tigers

Jonathan Meija SS Cardinals

Dyan Jorge SS Rockies

Simon Juan OF Mets

Yasser Mercedes OF Twins

Alexis Hernandez SS Cubs

Freili Encaracion SS Red Sox

Jaison Chourio OF Guardians

Jhonny Severino SS Brewers

Braylin Tavera OF Orioles

Johan Barrios SS Brewers

Yendry Rojas SS Padres

JuanOlmos C Royals

Luis Rodriguez C Cardinals

Jose de Jesus OF Rangers

Erick Hernandez OF White Sox Nelson Rada CF Angels

Juan Perez C Giants

Jarlin Susana RHP Padres

Anthuan Valencia SS Reds

Luis Meza C Blue Jays

Johanfran Garcia C Red Sox

Yilber Herrera SS Twins

Abdias De La Cruz SS Diamondbacks

Accimias Morales RHP Dodgers

Randy de Jesus OF Angels

Bryan Acuna SS Twins

Victor Izturis C Guardians

Michael Arroyo SS Mariners

Kenni Gomez OF Astros

Adan Sanchez C Cubs

Yoffry Solano SS Marlins

Henry Ramos OF Royals

Leandro Arias SS Orioles

Rosman Verdugo SS Padres

Martin Gonzalez SS Mariners

Esmith Pineda OF Reds

Fraymi De Leon SS Red Sox

Futures Auction

Druw Jones OF

Termarr Johnson SS

Brooks Lee SS

Jace Jung 2B/3B

Elijah Green OF

Chase De Lauter OF

Dylan Lesko P

Jacob Berry 3B/1B

Gavin Cross OF

Brock Jones OF

Robert Moore 2B

Blade Tidwell P

Cole Young SS

Kevin Parada C

Daniel Susac C

Brock Porter P