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UFLB Season Preview: Vin Scully Conference

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

The inaugural season for Ultimate Fantasy League Baseball is just days away. Rosters have been drafted, trades have been made, players have been added from scouts, and now it’s time to see which franchises have made the best moves and positioned themselves for a SCORE Coin Series title run.

Today we look at the Vin Scully Conference, featuring the Mickey Mantle, Al Kaline and Ken Griffey Jr. divisions. UFLB co-commissioner Matt Soren chimes in with Matt’s Musings while UFFS Head of Baseball and UFLB co-commissioner Dean Millard provides a general overview of each roster. The points projected for players comes from the 2022 Fantrax projections.

Check out the UFLB league page where you can see each franchises' roster through the standings page.

“I’m fascinated by how different franchises build their rosters,” said Millard, who is familiar with the process having ownership in three different hockey franchises on the platform. “Some want to win it all this year, others are building for the next few years, and there are those taking a long-term approach. I don’t think any of them are wrong, it’s all up to the franchise and the people running them. It’s all about asset management in a dynasty league of this magnitude!”

Soren, who also has managerial experience within the UFFS platform as GM of the UFBA’s Arctic Wolves, brings real world baseball experience as a Philadelphia Phillies draft pick in 2013 and knows how rosters are built from being inside the game.

“Overall, I see the league split into 3 tiers,” said Soren. “There’s a clear, small, bottom tier, looking towards the future. Lots of young guys who are being relied on.

“Then there is a clear top tier, of a few franchises that have the combination of stars and top prospects that make them a force for years to come. And then there a large middle tier with about 20 franchises in. This should create some great parity every season for the playoffs. And we can then see, who is the best owner/GM combo to try and knock off some of these juggernaut franchises.”

Without further ado, let’s dive into the Vin Scully Conference preview:

Mickey Mantle Division

Arctic Eagles

Central Caiman

Franchise 24

MTB Orbit


Arctic Eagles

Top Projected Hitter: Juan Soto – RF – Washington – 662.5 points

Top Projected Pitcher: Josh Hader – RP – Milwaukee – 332. 5 points