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UFLB Taps Pitcher Matt Soren as Starter for Legends League Baseball

Professional baseball is just a few more revolutions of the earth’s curveball away from its 150th birthday, with the National League forming in 1876. Along the way, it joined with the American League in 1903, and watched countless generational talents take the field. While many of those superstars have retired, and in some cases passed on, UFF Sports is bringing them back to our field of dreams with Legends League Baseball.

Matt Soren will be serving as Commissioner for the Legends League, adding to his duties as Director of Competition for Ultimate Fantasy League Baseball, which will throw out its first pitch alongside MLB in 2022.

Soren is hard at work building a league for literal legends of the game, who will return to the digital field, so they, their family members, friends, and fans can watch again using Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports’ revolutionary vision for #UnRetired athletes who #NeverStopPlaying. They also never get injured, which should make everyone happy!

“What excites me most about Legends League Baseball is that we’re getting players who have been retired for years, or the families of those who have passed, back into the fold,” said Soren. “Some legends of our game didn’t get to see these multimillion-dollar contracts. So now their digital career can continue to live on against the other legends of this great game’s past.”

UFFS is creating avatars for each Digital Athlete, which can be used in fantasy gameplay or for many other innovative and lucrative ventures in the UFFS Metaverse as well as NFT collectibles.

Get to know Matt Soren from Inside UFLB episode 1 on October 7th, 2021

Complete plans for Legends League Baseball will be unveiled in the future but, rest assured, it will be an experience unlike any other when it comes to fantasy sports.

“I think being an owner in LLB will be the most exciting of all the Legends Leagues. The history of this game is so rich, and now you can be a part of managing some of your favorite players growing up,” said Soren, who was a draft pick of the Philadelphia Phillies in 2013.

Soren will wear many hats within UFFS baseball operations, including Deputy Commissioner for UFLB this season — assisting Commissioner Dean Millard, who is also Head of Baseball and will be busy mapping out the future, from the scouting launch to Legends simulation.

“Matt is going to be terrific for Legends League Baseball. Each time we chat, he’s