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UFWJ Preview: Inaugural Tournament Offers Intrigue, Excitement Among Countries Competing for Podium

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Who’s going to be golden? That’s the million-dollar question entering the inaugural Ultimate Fantasy World Juniors tournament on the UFFS platform.

With $10K USD worth of Score Coin (SCO) at stake, along with physical medals, the 10 UFWJ countries will be competing for more than bragging rights as the first-ever champion in this revolutionary World Juniors dynasty league.

There will be a silver lining for one nation and another will be bronzed but all these countries are gunning for gold from the outset following a successful UFWJ Draft where they selected 25-man rosters — giving value to every player at this year’s World Juniors — plus 5-man protected lists for future tournaments. The first three rounds are recapped in this UFWJ Preview Show:

Fans can also get involved by submitting their medal winners for the UFWJ/WJC Predictions Contest, with $500 USD worth of SCO up for grabs! It is free to enter — simply predict gold, silver and bronze for both tournaments — and the deadline is Dec. 26 at 2 p.m. ET prior to the start of the first WJC game on Boxing Day.

The World Juniors are always a guessing game but fans can make educated guesses for UFWJ by familiarizing themselves with the scoring system:

Armed with that knowledge and understanding that UFWJ countries can trade until New Year’s Day — the trade deadline is Jan. 1 at 11:59 p.m. ET prior to the WJC medal round — it’s time to take a look at the UFWJ rosters coming out of the draft, with the countries listed in the order that they selected over all 30 rounds.

OWNER(S): Seven Seas Blockchain Sports, Alex Muchinsky (Mooch) and Thomas (Tommy) Cordon

GM/STAFF: Jeff Rea and Mik Portoni from Draftin Europe as co-GMs

OWNER(S): Jope and the Bachul family

GM/STAFF: George Bachul as GM, with his son Kevin Bachul as assistant GM