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Ultimate Fantasy Sports Daily Coming to UFF Sports Twitch Channel

The world of fantasy sports shows is getting a lot more crowded as the UFF Sports Twitch channel will be bursting at the seams with content, including Ultimate Fantasy Sports Daily (Monday-Friday from 4-6 p.m. eastern time) hosted by Dean Millard.

From breaking news to previews of the night’s games and, of course, keeping tabs on all the UFFS leagues, Ultimate Fantasy Sports Daily will be the perfect show for all fantasy sports lovers and beyond.

“In order for UFF Sports to make its mark on Twitch, we need a consistent daily presence,” announced Jamie Thomas, Executive Director of UFF Sports Twitch channel. “UFSD will be there every day during the week to discuss the latest news in sports and how it affects fantasy and the UFFS platform. I’m thrilled Dean Millard will be that face and voice for UFSD.”

Millard and Thomas go back a long time to their days in mainstream media (and as roommates), and you will be sure to see Thomas as a guest on the show from time to time.

“We are going to have a lot of content on UFSD when it comes to fantasy, betting, the crypto world, and so much more,” Millard said from his home studio where the show will air from.

“It will be a blend of the UFF Sports ecosystem and the worldwide loo

k at fantasy sports, and we’ll have some fun and get a little goofy from time to time as well,” promised Millard.

From founders to administration, franchise owners, staff, and scouts, UFF Sports has some incredibly unique stories to tell, and Millard can’t wait

to dive into more of it.

“This world that we have here is unreal, it brings fantasy sports to a completely different level and I’m really looking forward to telling some cool stories, while still staying on top of what fantasy sports people want and need.”

Ultimate Fantasy Sports Daily will be a natural lead in to UFF Sports league shows like UFHL Now, which will move to Wednesdays and be followed by a ‘watch party’ on most Wednesdays which is a national TV night for the NHL.

Millard is a veteran of the broadcasting industry for the past quarter century and — along with others at UFF Sports like Andy McNamara, Jamie Thomas and Larry Fisher — will have a long list of quality guests to join the show, while telling UFF Sports stories and educating the masses about the platform.

“So many cool things are going on daily with UFF Sports and we have some great plans for the future,” said Millard, who plans to bring back some fun stuff from his late-night radio days. “The thing I really have missed about live production is interacting with viewers or listeners. Whether it’s been through text, social media, or now the live chat on Twitch, it’s going to be fun and we hope to reward the viewer with great content and a few giveaways along the way.”

Millard will also be getting Inside UFLB back on Twitch, starting August 28, as the show will move to Sundays and precede a ‘watch party’ while Sunday Night Baseball is airing and will follow an afternoon ‘watch party’ when there are only matinees.

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