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Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is moving to Cudos

After months of discussion, inquiring and negotiating, UFFS is very proud and excited to announce that we have found a new home that will better suit our target audience as well as provide us with stronger partners to take our amazing sports ecosystem mainstream.

"Moving our project from the Zilliqa chain to a new home was a big decision and we took a hard look at many of the leading chains out there. We narrowed it down to a short list of three. As we compared the three options, it became clear that the right fit for UFFS was the rookie of the group with the tech, vision and team that matches UFFS’s vision for the future. We have invested in the ecosystem by owning and running a Cudos Node and now we are thrilled to move our platform, coin and community to the Cudos ecosystem. Our team is already active making the transition and ready to keep building on Cudos, truly exciting times ahead!" - Tony Charanduk UFFS Founder

Not only does the Cudos blockchain give us a stage to present our amazing ecosystem to a global community, this collaboration arms UFFS with the very latest in crypto and blockchain technologies.

We relish the opportunity to build on the Cudos chain and take advantage of the computing power that will be offered. The opportunity strengthens our brand and opens up a world of opportunities.

The move to Cudos was based on the cutting edge tech they offer, the incredible team and a commitment to sports, gaming and metaverse integration.

This transition will be a 100% relaunch of the platform and all liquidity will be transitioned to the CUDOS ecosystem.

"This unique and incredible partnership opens up a plethora of opportunities for people to access the world's most realistic and unique fantasy sports platform with a thriving ecosystem, built on the Cudos blockchain and supported by Cudo Compute. As the world embraces true-to-life in-game ownership of players, franchises and prospects all as NFTs, the tidal wave of entertainment and excitement will be made possible by deploying immutable, smart contracts and the utilisation of innovative blockchain technology."

- David Pugh-Jones CMO of Cudos

"UFF Sports has built a new and innovative fantasy gaming experience that will excite sports fans by introducing them to the metaverse, owning NFTs, building winning lineups, and competing against other communities of sports fans all over the world. This is simply just the start of our partnership as we look to explore additional synergies and alliances, all to ensure we bring the best of distributed governance and ownership to every sports fan."

- George Mathai

Lead Product Manager - Cudos

The platform will be business as usual as we migrate things on the back end, with all the functionality on the front end remaining the same. The only difference once the launch is finished is that our users will transact in CUDOS-SCO rather than ZIL-SCO. All NFTs, franchises, players, and collectibles will be moved from one chain to the next by our team.

Score Tokens will seamlessly be swapped from the ZIL chain to the Cudos chain via a UFFS wallet swap that will be introduced. Anyone holding SCO right now will have until the end of 2022 to swap your Z-SCO to C-SCO. No one loses any tokens and the total supply stays the same at 100 million.

The relaunch will be a move of all current liquidity on ZilSwap and XCAD to the Omosis DEX.

Moving the entire project will add to our partnership with Cudos that was slated to implement computing and metaverse integration. UFFS has its node running on the new mainnet, we are working on moving all our computing needs from AWS to the Cudos platform, and we are also working on plans to bring our sports ecosystem to multiple metaverses in the Cudos ecosystem.

The implementation of UFFS on the Cudos chain will bring over 25,000 NFTs from the Zilliqa chain instantly and a projected 330,000 NFTs by year’s end. We are also proud to be the first active project on the Cudos chain, as we will have transactions daily starting in Aug 2022.

We would like to acknowledge the Zilliqa community and their team, as they helped make UFFS possible. People like Amrit Kumar, Colin Miles, Matt Dyer and Saayan Choudhury believed in our vision and took us from an idea to a working platform. As many of them have pivoted to new opportunities, we feel it's time for us to do the same. Cudos opens up doors and partnerships that are not easily available to us at this time on Zilliqa, and we owe it to our community to seize the opportunity that is presented to us with this migration. We hope many of our friends in the Zilliqa community understand this move and participate in the next chapter of the UFFS story on Cudos.

More details will be released in the coming days and weeks, as we build up to our August relaunch. The team is on standby to answer any questions or concerns, we are all incredibly excited about taking UFFS to a new level with our new friends and partners at Cudos.

Truly exciting times ahead!

Tony Charanduk

UFFS Founder

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