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Welcoming Back a Familiar Face to UFLB

Ultimate Fantasy League Baseball (UFLB) is very pleased to welcome back a familiar face into the fold as the new Scouting Director: Dean Millard!

Millard, formerly the Head of Baseball Operations for UFF Sports, had stepped down prior to the beginning of the 2022 season but has decided to rejoin for the stretch run with the All-Star Break and Trade Deadline in the books to head up the robust scouting side of UFLB.

"Stepping away from UFLB was incredibly hard but something that was right at the time," says Millard. "To be able to get back on the team feels incredible and I'm very grateful to be able to help take UFLB where it deserves to be."

UFF Sports and UFLB would like to thank the outgoing scouting director, Bryan Hernandez, for his work during the season. Hernandez is stepping away to focus on his family and on a new opportunity outside of the UFF Sports ecosystem, and we wish him all the best in his new endeavours.

Millard will also take on another role in his return, serving as host of the 'Inside UFLB' program — a show that will take a look at the action on a weekly basis, and also feature interviews with owners and general managers as well, something he's very much looking forward to.

"Getting back into the host chair is something I'm really excited about, as it's something I've done for almost 25 years, and I had some big plans for Inside UFLB. We hope to present a fun show that highlights our league and more, stay tuned!"

With the departure of Head of Sport Craig Ballard in mid-July, the interim Head of Sport role will also be filled by Sho Alli, who has been serving as Co-Commissioner since the beginning of the season. Alongside Co-Commissioner Matt Soren, the UFLB administrative team will be busy until the end of the World Series, with the 2022 UFLB Entry Auction scheduled to take place before the end of the regular season.

"I'm looking forward to the role and continuing to help UFLB take its place among the crown jewels of the UFF Sports ecosystem," says Alli. "The passion from every single owner is something I see on a daily basis, and it'll be a fun ride the rest of the season, as the playoff races begin to take shape."

The UFLB regular season runs until Wednesday, October 5th, after which the UFLB Playoffs run through to the first week of November alongside the MLB Playoffs.


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