Valtakunia, which is Finnish for Kingdoms, is owned by Jope as well as the Bachul family. George Bachul is the GM and his son Kevin Bachul is the assistant GM.


Anarchia is a member of Crown Sports. Arnie Entz is their GM and Jason Melnyk is the assistant GM.


CanWest is owned by the CanWest Fantasy Sports Group with the Johnson brothers, Curtis and Chad. Harrison Fallow is their assistant GM and affiliated scout.

East End

East End is owned by Dean Millard, Craig Button and Ian Constable. Button is serving as their GM.


Eliteprospectia is owned by EliteProspects. Follow on Twitter: @eliteprospects


Midgard has a five-man ownership group, including four professional athletes from three different sports: Dan Esposito (football), Dave (The Hammer) Schultz and Brady Kramer (hockey), Matt Oglesby (lacrosse) and Andy Weintraub.


Monstopia ownership group features Jeremy Plamondon, Mike Mohr and the Leblanc family. Their GM is Gabe Foley.

Republic of the Seven Seas

Republic of the Seven Seas is owned by Seven Seas Blockchain Sports, founded by Alex Muchinsky (Mooch) and Thomas (Tommy) Cordon. Their co-GMs are Jeff Rea and Mik Portoni.


Scorway is based in Grenfell, Saskatchewan, Canada.

UCan Republic

UCan Republic is owned by Joseph Perez in partnership with the Gumpa Sports & Entertainment Group.

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