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Tournament Details


OCTOBER 30, 2022 - All liveries must be submitted.

OCTOBER 30, 2022 - Submission Deadline.

Not all eligible submissions will be proceeded for voting. VR-1 will be shortlisting the best livery submissions for each project internally and have them put forward for voting.

NOVEMBER 7, 2022 - NOVEMBER 14, 2022 - The voting period.

Please check the livery design rulebook for further details.


There will be a total of 8 races. The tournament will be played on the PC version of Assetto Corsa Competizione. The race schedule is as followed:

Race 1

NOVEMBER 20, 2022


Race 2

NOVEMBER 27, 2022


Race 3

DECEMBER 4, 2022


Race 4

DECEMBER 11, 2022


Race 5

DECEMBER 18, 2022

Brand Hatch

Race 6

JANUARY 08, 2022


Race 7

JANUARY 15, 2023

Paul Ricard

Race 8

JANUARY 22, 2023


There is a maximum of 30 participants allowed to race. Once qualifying has ended the lobby will be locked. If the driver has not joined the lobby during qualifying, they will not be able to race. If the driver leaves the lobby after qualifying has ended, they will not be able to rejoin. If a driver is unable to race a substitute is not allowed to take their place. 


All participants will have one hour for Qualifying. Qualifying will run from 16:00-17:00 GMT. The race will start at approximately 17:10 GMT and will run for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. 


If a situation arises where less than 50% of the race is complete only half points will be awarded. If more than 50% of the race is complete full points will be awarded. 


If a situation arises where we are unable to start the race, zero points will be awarded, and the race will be canceled. 


If the racing series begins and due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to continue withthe tournament, the current championship points up to this moment will be taken and the prize pool will be awarded accordingly.


Custom liveries will be supported in the race and must be sent to us in advance so they can appear during the live stream.


The full rules for this tournament will be available to view and download soon.

Championship points will be awarded for the finishing positions of the top 8 drivers in each race. The points awarded is:


1st - 15 Points

2nd - 12 Points

3rd - 8 Points

4th - 5 Points

5th - 4 Points

6th - 3 Points

7th - 2 Points

8th - 1 Point


$5,000.00 USD per driver.

$2,000.00 USD deposit (non refundable) to secure your spot in the tournament. 

The entry fee is payable for each individual contestant. This is non-transferable and must be paid for in $VAI*1 or $BUSD. The $2000 deposit counts towards the entry fee, the remaining $3000 must be paid by 07/11/2022.




The final scoreboard for each individual participant will determine their championship finishing position. 


If two or more participants are tied for points the allocated prize pool for those drivers will be equally divided amongst the winners. For example, if three drivers are tied for 3rd place, the prize money for 3rd, 4th and 5th will be combined and equally split three ways. 


The community may contribute their own tokens to boost the prize pool anytime until the end of the final race. 100% of the bonus pool will be distributed to the participants. If you would like to contribute your tokens to our bonus pool, please reach out to us. These will be split as follows: 


1st place - $36,750 (VR-1 Prize Pool) - 35% (bonus pool allocation)

2nd place - $21,000 (VR-1 Prize Pool) - 20% (bonus pool allocation)

3rd place - $10,500 (VR-1 Prize Pool) - 10% (bonus pool allocation)

4th place - $9,450 (VR-1 Prize Pool) - 9% (bonus pool allocation)

5th place - $8,400 (VR-1 Prize Pool) - 8% (bonus pool allocation)

6th place - $7,350 (VR-1 Prize Pool) - 7% (bonus pool allocation)

7th place - $6,300 (VR-1 Prize Pool) - 6% (bonus pool allocation)

8th place - $5,250 (VR-1 Prize Pool) - 5% (bonus pool allocation)

The VR1 Prize pool will be paid out in $VAI*1. The bonus pool will be paid out in their retrospective tokens. The sum of the bonus pool is not included in the above prize pool as these may be regularly updated therefore will have to be totalled and announced at a later date.

If anyone would like to participate in this tournament, please sign up at

If your project is interested in getting involved or you simply want more information, contact us at

Join our Official Telegram channel: @VR-1 SIM Racing Leagues


Full details and instructions are available on


*1 1 $VAI = 1 United States Dollar

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