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Abstract. UFFS is a fantasy sports platform, built on blockchain technology, that introduces true in-game ownership of franchises, players, and prospects as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). 

Unique to UFFS, our users will own their franchise and their players indefinitely, unless they wish to sell or trade them. This concept is made possible by the indisputable nature of blockchain’s ledger and smart contract protocols. UFFS is made possible and exceptional by: confirming ownership, providing secure transactions, and ensuring that no asset can be duplicated.

UFFS strives to mirror real-world professional leagues as closely as possible. We take into account such things as: league play, size of the league, regulations, overall sport governance, and bring it all into the digital world. UFFS can use this innovative platform for all sports around the globe.

  1. Introduction. The platform is a fantasy sports game built on a blockchain that confirms the owner of all assets involved: from franchises to active players, all the way to the lowest prospect — every asset is an NFT. The blockchain performs all transactions with ease, but also confirms each and every activity.

    UFFS will mirror professional sports leagues in unique ways. For example, there will only ever be as many franchises in our game as there are in the real world. Ex. If there are 32 professional hockey teams in North America, then there will only be 32 UFFS franchises (with the possibility of owning all-star teams, if applicable). If teams are added in the real world league through expansion, a new UFFS franchise will also be added. The in-game points system and scoring will be similar to other fantasy leagues. However, as we have stated, we will mirror the rules and regulations of the real world leagues as closely as possible.

  2. Franchises. The franchises are the shining gems in all UFFS leagues. They are what everyone in these games will aspire to own and operate, as they will be scarce in number, but they will also be the vehicle needed to win the biggest prizes.

    ​Franchises are owned by one wallet address, and can be bought and sold at the approval of UFFS. As long as funds for purchasing a franchise comes from a single wallet, there are no limits regarding how many people can own one team. Franchises will be responsible for operating their team day-to-day, handling roster moves before games, replacing injured players, initiating and executing trades, and purchasing new league players from scouts* to fill their roster. In the event of an owner not fulfilling their league duties, their asset ownership can come under review by UFFS.

    ​The franchises will become highly sought-after game assets that will appreciate in value as the league matures, prize values increase, and a large following develops. Owners will be responsible, in collaboration with the league, to develop a team name, logo, as well as solid branding. UFFS will encourage and assist Franchises in further developing their brand to grow merchandise sales to fans of UFFS and their team. Ultimately, people will have great pride in owning a UFFS franchise, not due to success in playing the game, but also because of their passion for the sport.

    ​Franchisees will own a full roster of players very similar or exactly like that of the real world league. They will also own a pool of protected players that are not in the league but have great potential to play. Besides the players on the roster and the protected list, the franchises will not be able to own any other players — these non-professional players will be owned by scouts*.

    ​Franchises will be able to stake their franchise NFT for monthly rewards. The staking of franchise NFTs gives franchises a runway to earn income as the leagues and platform matures and becomes profitable.

  3. Scouts. One of the most unique aspects of the UFFS platform is the concept of scouting in fantasy sports. Due to the power of blockchain, UFFS has the ability to include ownership of prospects by enabling scouts to register non-professional players on the blockchain as NFTs. Starting at a set age for each sport, there will also be a scouts-only draft held every year, this will be addressed under drafting. Registration will give the scouts ownership of said player/players for the fantasy game. What can a scout do with their player? 
    ​Trade or sell to another scout at any time.
    ​If a franchise has a spot open on their protected list and they desire a scout-owned player, that player can be sold.
    ​If a player makes the real world professional league, the scout is required to sell their asset to one of the franchise owners as soon as practically possible.

  4. Initial Sales of Franchises. Each league will begin with the initial franchise sale that will be performed as an auction on a set date. A list of interested and registered buyers will be established before the auction date. The details of the auction will be set on a league-to-league basis.

    ​The asset that is to be auctioned is the ownership of one franchise — with a franchise player attached — plus a full roster of players that are currently playing in that league on that exact date. Protected list players will not be included in the sale of the franchise (active roster only). Protected list players must be purchased from scouts. Winning the ownership of a franchise becomes a large asset. The owners will be entered into the first and only draft for the league, where professional players are drafted at no charge.

  5. Drafts. Two types of Drafts/Auctions will exist in UFFS leagues.

    ​Inaugural Draft. This follows the initial franchise auction. This draft’s purpose is to distribute all current professional players that are active on the exact date of the draft to the newly founded franchises. A lottery system will determine the order of the draft. The fine details of drafting after the lottery will be laid out in an order that is fair to each franchise involved. This draft will be a one-time event in each league. If there happens to be expansion in the real world league and an expansion draft takes place, the UFFS league will mirror that event as closely as possible.
    ​​​​Scout Draft. The Scout draft will happen during the offseason of every league. The purpose of this draft is to enter prospects into the scouting pool. This draft will also be performed as an auction format, offering top prospects of scouting age to be available for registration on the blockchain. The purpose of this draft is to register all of the non-professional players as fairly as possible.

  6. League Play, Playoffs, Prizes. League play will follow the regulations and structure of the real world league as closely as possible. All leagues will be run using a similar points structure to most fantasy sports platforms. Every franchise will run a full roster whenever possible. It will always be full-season play. The champion is decided in the playoffs, not at the end of the regular season, just like the real world. Example: If 16 teams qualify for postseason in the real world league, the same applies — the top 16 in the UFFS standings qualify for postseason play.

    ​All trade deadlines in real world leagues will apply to UFFS.

    ​Prizes will be awarded in a similar fashion to the real world league such as:
    ​Playoff Champion
    ​Playoff Round Win
    ​Making the Playoffs
    ​Regular Season Champion
    ​Franchises will be awarded for individual player prizes as well, following the real world league’s awards.

  7. Blockchain. The UFFS Blockchain is built on the Zilliqa network. The sole function of the blockchain is to create a record of the ownership of all assets in the UFFS ecosystem, including franchises, players and prospects. Each user that owns an asset in any of the UFFS leagues will need a UFFS wallet to securely store these assets. All transactions on the UFFS blockchain will be performed in the UFFS Score Coin (SCO).

  8. Tokens. UFFS Score Coin (SCO) will be the diesel on which the world’s Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports league runs. It will be the means of transaction and a store of value for everything that happens in the UFFS world. SCO can be transferred into Zilliqa via ZilSwap. Future exchanges will also trade these tokens.

  9. Transactions/Fees. UFFS revenue will be generated from several streams. One will be initial franchise sales; the majority of this revenue will be set aside for future development and league stability.

    ​Regular revenue to fund fantasy league awards and championships will come from the ongoing registration of new players on the blockchain and annual entry fees for the franchises. As well, there will be fees charged for every transaction on the UFFS blockchain. This will include the sale of players, professional and non-professional trades. The sale of any franchise will also have a league fee to create ownership stability. The fee structure will be set accordingly, with input from franchise owners and UFFS directors. As the leagues grow, the opportunity for additional revenue sources will become quite robust and it is the intent of UFFS to strike a happy balance for league stability, ongoing development, and charitable support of youth sports.

  10. Semi-Professional/Junior Leagues. As UFFS expands its model into more professional sports leagues and establishes a strong foothold in the worldwide fantasy market, work will be ongoing to integrate semi-professional and junior leagues into the platform. Again, franchises will be sold to willing buyers and the leagues will run with similar regulations to their real world counterparts.

    ​The purpose of expanding into non-professional leagues is to further spread the thrill of franchise ownership to more people and build excitement in all sports leagues, at all levels, while also providing more utility for the player/prospect assets. Players that are owned and registered on the UFFS blockchain will need to be leased from the scout who owns the player. This gives scouts an added incentive to register players as there is now a new use for their asset. Leasing returns will be based on percentages of prize pool earnings for each franchise.

  11. Legends Leagues. UFFS will also be expanding into Legends Leagues, providing simulated gameplay and NFT ownership for retired players. That will ensure forever value and utility for the player assets in every sport. Professional franchises will be able to sell/auction their retired players to Legends League franchises or scouts.

    ​Legends League franchises will also lease retired players from scouts for gameplay. There will be an initial Legends Auction as part of this expansion plan.

  12. National Teams. When a player is owned by a franchise or a scout, that player can be leased out to a national team that is participating in an international event. As professional franchises are created and sold on the blockchain by UFFS, so will national franchises in sports such as soccer, hockey, basketball, etc. The same structure will apply, with the highest bidder owning the national team until they feel it is time to sell their asset.

    ​Players on these national teams will be an asset of a professional franchise owner, so the national team owner will be leasing those players and sharing a percentage of earnings with the professional franchise owners. This process will be governed by the UFFS.

  13. Individual Sports. Structures for individual sports such as golf, MMA, boxing, and tennis are also on the roadmap and will function as closely to real world play as possible on our blockchain and within the UFFS ecosystem.

  14. Player NFT trading cards in daily fantasy sports and online gaming. A major revenue stream for the platform and the franchises will be NFT sports trading cards. Revenue from the sale of these cards and the in-game transaction fees will be shared with the franchises, the platform and any real world athletes that are working with the UFFS platform.

    1. These NFT card series will be launched annually for every league. 

    2. These cards will be playable in daily fantasy sports (DFS) that is based on the performance of our teams in the fantasy leagues.

    3. These cards will be bought in packs then bought and sold on our NFT marketplace.

    4. The value of these cards change depending on the performance of the athletes and the fantasy points they earn in our league.

    5. These NFT cards will also be playable in various online games developed by the UFFS platform.

  15. Physical Sports cards as NFTs. UFFS will be launching a program that digitizes real world sports trading cards and memorabilia. This will be a very simple secure program that will enable you to sell, fractionalize and profit from these assets globally.

    1. Cards/memorabilia are sent to a third party that audits, appraises, and stores that asset.

    2. An NFT is created representing that asset and placed on the marketplace for sale. The option to sell a fraction of the asset will also be available.

    3. If you are the original person to list this asset you will receive transaction fees on the movement of the asset for as long as it's in our system.

    4. If you buy an NFT from an original lister you can resell that NFT at any time on the NFT marketplace or, if you choose, you can take delivery.

    5. Delivery of any of the assets can be made anytime if you have 100 percent ownership. The asset is shipped and once the owner receives it the NFT is burnt.

    6. Assets that qualify to have fractional ownership can only be claimed by one owner after they acquire 100 percent of the NFTs that are attached to that item.

  16. Future NFT programs. Additional NFT programs that interact with our leagues and athletes will be developed adding even more value to all the NFT assets involved.

  17. Metaverse integration. UFFS is committed and is currently working with various metaverse projects to bring this entire sports ecosystem into the metaverse space. The structure of our leagues and well rounded ecosystems in each sport is a perfect fit for metaverse implementation.

  18. Derivatives of the UFFS Ecosystem. The UFFS fully intends to develop and work with any entity that can derive value from our fantasy sports ecosystem. The founding group at UFFS has already indicated that a portion of revenue will be set aside in each league for kid’s sports initiatives in the countries where UFFS is active.

  19. Vision. UFFS is not building a fantasy sports website. It is building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) operating an ecosystem that will allow anyone in any part of the world to participate in fantasy sports. A platform that can build an entire economy across the world, exemplifying the true meaning of sport, fairness, excellence, inclusion, fun and, most of all, creating communities through a common passion.

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